it’s time for monday madness!

what’s on your refrigerator? (Please feel free to use a picture to answer.)
magnet and pictures
what color is your refrigerator?
is the freezer on the top, bottom or side?
on top
how old is your fridge? Does it match your stove?
not too old and yeah, it kind of matches
how regularly do you clean the inside of your fridge?
every week or two

meeting other bloggers

on saturday night, after renting a movie and eating take-out, joe and i headed to chattanooga to meet up with stacey and others at the stone lion. i met scott, a friend of stacey and joe’s from statesboro, for the first time. he was very cool, despite the fact that he created the man points system ;). jim and his brother, waide, were there also. it was great fun to go out and just hang out and chat for a while.