coffee . . .

it’s 6:30 a.m. and i’m up and going. i woke up at 6. i never get up at 6. my bed begged me to stay. sigh. must…have…coffee…

monday madness . . . a little late

how much do you think is the most you would pay for…
1. …a loaf of bread?
2. …a gallon of gas?
$1.89 now 🙂
3. …a pair of jeans?
4. …a computer?
5. …a camera?
6. …a pair of shoes?
7. …a television?
8. …a recliner chair?
gosh…how much do recliners cost??
9. …a month of ‘lightening speed’ internet service?
i’m paying $66 now
10. …a cell phone?
my last plan was $70

friday’s feast

the creator of friday’s feast is sick this week so joe wrote one. yay. so here it goes….

appetizer: what song makes you cry and why?
“the christmas shoes.” it’s about a boy who wants to buy his mother a pair of shoes for christmas because she’s dying but he doesn’t have enough money. he wants to get them for her so she’ll look beautiful when she meets jesus. his story tugs at the heart of a man at the store, and he helps the boy purchase the shoes.
ok, i have to add another one: “arise my love” by newsong. this song is played at the resurrection scene at the easter pageant at my church and it always makes me cry because the entire thing reminds me of what jesus went through for me. every time i hear it i want to recommit myself to him.

soup: tell about a random act of kindness that you had happen or did for someone this week.
being there for a friend

salad: what is your favorite beverage?
cherry coke!

main course: tell at least three people today how much they mean in your life.
joe, you’re everything to me. you’re my best friend and my love. i’ve given you my heart, and i know you’ve given me yours. i love you more than anything.
stacey and julisa, you girls are my closest girl friends. you’re always there for me when i need to talk or vent, and i hope you know i’m always here for you as well.

dessert: What would you take on a picnic for dessert?
chocolate chunk brownies 🙂