Shout® Out Stains

This post brought to you by Triad Retail Media. All opinions are 100% mine.


shoutI feel like my daughter never has clean clothes. She's two, and she is CONSTANTLY getting stains on her clothes, whether they be dirt stains from sliding and doing other things outside or food stains because she refuses to wear a bib. I just can’t ever keep up with her laundry, and my washing machine is always getting a workout.

That’s why I love Shout® Trigger. I use it on my daughter’s clothes – and any other stains for that matter – and I love it. In fact, I don’t use any other brand because it works so well. It’s one of those things where when you have something that does the job well, why change it up? Its triple acting formula clings to stains and penetrates to lift them away. I love the trigger system. I pretty much only buy cleaning products with a trigger, and I also love that it’s safe on colors and can be used in any water temperature. I try to always use cold water for my laundry because it uses less energy.

I’m just thankful that we have convenient products to clean our laundry. Can you imagine if we had to use soap and scrub board like women many years ago had to do? That would just be terrible. And having to scrub and scrub at stains? No, thank you!

You can pick up Shout® trigger at Walmart. Have any of you used it before? What were your thoughts? How do you like it compared to other brands?

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New Way to Play Games

This post brought to you by AppGear. All opinions are 100% mine.


So, here's a new kind of toy that you can play with by using your iPhone or Android device. AppGear has come out with a line of toys that you connect to your phones in order to play them.

For example, according to PC Magazine, with the game Foam Fighters, a line of small, digitized airplanes is attached to your phone, which you can use to fly them through different simulated scenarios. In ZombieBurbz, zombies fight against humans interactively on your tablet or smartphone. PC Magazine says players can “set traps and fight off angry human neighbors.” There are four packs of zombies, each coming with its own unique storyline and a total of 36 missions.

Other games in the AppGear line include EliteCommanderAR, Alien JailBreak and Mysterious Ray Gun. This really shows how the 21st century technology is having an impact on everything, and it seems like AppGear and WowWee are really on the forefront of a new kind of way to play games because, really, what kind doesn’t have a smart phone or tablet these days? Most kids are, and I think this is where the future of game playing is headed, rather than playing board games and really even games on video game consoles.

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Decorating Help

This post brought to you by Leviton. All opinions are 100% mine.

Renu<sup>®</sup> > Brands > Solutions from Leviton Web Site” />I am horrible at interior decorating. Or decorating at all for that matter. I have friends whose homes look like they could be on the pages of a magazine, and I wish I could make my house look that nice and homey.</p>
	I just don’t have that gene and need some serious help. That’s where Leviton’s newest product, <a href=Renu, comes in. I really want to work on our living room. Once we actually move our china cabinet to our storage unit and our TV over to where our china cabinet is, I think we can really start working. I want to get new curtains, hang a collage of frames on one wall and some canvas prints on another. And, I would love to redo our wall plates and switches, maybe by putting in some dimmers or something like that.

This is a picture of our living room taken when we first moved in. We’ve since gotten a new couch, which is against the window, and gotten rid of the coffee table.

I would love to add a switch or wall plate that’s not quite white but maybe more of a creamish color. I wonder how that would look against our walls when we paint them. It’s available in 20 paint colors, so there’s something to go with every color scheme.

Renu is hosting three Twitter parties — on April 18, April 26 and May 2 — and you can participate by following @Leviton and #Renu. There also will be some Home Depot gift cards up for grabs! And, make sure you “like” Leviton on Facebook!

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Spartan Race!

This post brought to you by Spartan Race. All opinions are 100% mine.


Have you ever heard of the Spartan Race? If your husband isn’t a hard-core running geek like mine, you might not have, but boy is this one race Joe wants to run.

While there is some running involved, it’s more of an obstacle course. There are four levels, so there’s something for everybody. The Spartan Sprint is a 3-mile course for newbies and experienced runners alike. Appoximately 95 percent of people attemping that course will finish.

The Super Spartan is an 8-mile course of “insane” obstacles mean to build endurance. Top finishers gain entry to the Spartan Beast or Spartan Death Race.

The Spartan Beast is a 10-12-mile “obstaclerace from hell.” The most infamous obstacle is the “short cut”, in which runners cut off more than half the course and rendering themselves incomplete. Top finishers get free entry to the Spartan event of their choice.

Last is the Spartan Death Race, which is the highest level. According to the race website, many people will break and continue to attempt this level for decades.

Have any questions? Check out the FAQ’s here: 

There are a number of Spartan Races scheduled for this year but, unfortunately, none in Georgia or anywhere near our fine state. My hubby will be disappointed. What about you? Is this something you’d want to try?

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Organizing Online Finds

I am constantly scouring the internet for ideas, whether it be for recipes or decorating or things to get for Lucy. My bookmark folder is FULL of links that I’ve bookmarked. And, of course, I have to scroll through all of them just to find what I want.

So, I was super excited to hear about Clipix. With clipix, you can click the “clip” button in your bookmarks bar when you come across something online that you want to save. Here are some of my ideas for clipboards: recipes, for the home, parties for Lucy and crafty ideas. I love that this will help me organize things that I like, and hopefully it will motivate me to actually do some of the things that I find. Take a look at my clipboard for photography ideas:

Not only can you clip to your own boards, but you can reclip clips, comment on clips, and share them on Facebook and Twitter. Who knows who you might inspire, and who knows whose clips you might be inspired by!

What’s also nice is that Clipix has an iPhone app. I spend SO much time on my phone that it’s nice to be able to do something fun like this when I’m in the car or out and about. Also, check out this video about Clipix.

Do you think you’ll use Clipix? What are some clipboards you’d want to create?

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Cell Phone Frustration

This post brought to you by Sprint. All opinions are 100% mine.

I am so over my ridiculous cell phone bill. I understand that we both have smartphones (and with me driving all over Northwest Georgia for my freelancing job, I need a phone that has internet and maps capability), but it’s still ridiculous.

And, I hate, hate, HATE our current provider. We’ve been looking at some of the other providers, and one that I want to go talk to is Sprint, which has the iPhone (my current phone) as well as other smartphones. There are some other great promotions going on right now, too. You can get the Nexus S™ 4G for free when you open a new line of service or add to your account (Nexus S 4G free online savings as the $50 mail in rebate converts to instant  plus $99.99 web only savings).


Or, you can get the HTC EVO™ 3D for only $49.99 when you add a new line of service or add to your account (HTC EVO 3D at $49.99 online only savings as the $50 mail in rebate converts instantly plus $50 web only savings).

Facebook_EVO 3D.jpg

You can also get your activation fees waived for new lines of services and free shipping on I think it’s definitely time for us to look for a new provider, and Sprint may just be our first stop.

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