the birthday weekend

first of all, thanks to all of you for your birthday wishes. that was really sweet!

my birthday weekend was great. on saturday, we headed up to tennessee, met my brothers and sister-in-law for church, and then went to my parents’ for lunch. i got great gifts. my grandpa and grandma gave me a puzzle of cats he had made and had framed for me, ryan and oriona gave me a beautiful flower arrangement for the new house, and randy gave me money which is to be used “for scrapbooking and for scrapbooking only”. awww. joe and my parents gave me what i thought they were going to: the cricut diecut machine!!

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hello. my name is cady, and i am a scrapbooking addict. in the last two weeks, i have bought a lot of gadgets to support my habit: a creative memories personal trimmer, creative memories’ oval and circle patterns for its custom cutting system, the mat and blades to go along with the patterns, the creative memories tape runner, a creative memories star maker and heart maker. i also got a couple of containers and the rolling storage system.

but, i didn’t pay full price for anything. emma was a creative memories consultant and was selling items at discounted prices, which is how i got the personal trimmer, the tape roller, and the oval and circle patterns. i bought he storage system with a nice little 40 percent off coupon, and the rest i got off ebay. i love ebay. it’s amazing how much i saved off the retail prices on items. and, the savings are such a great way to justify my not-so-necesary purchases! luckily, my hubby encourages me to buy scrapbooking tools because he loves that i have a hobby i’m so into.

somebody save me!!

that’s the way life goes

i had my hair chopped off today. seriously, i think about half my hair was on the floor when the hair dresser finished. it was expensive too. and am i happy with it? i was at first, but now, not so much. honestly, i think it makes me look like a redneck. blah. it wouldn’t be so bad if it flipped out on the bottom on both sides, but no, only on one. i’ll post pictures tomorrow and you all can tell me what you think. joe says he likes it, but he has to say that. he has to live with me. 🙂

i sent my friend an email over myspace about the dress incident. she logged in yesterday and i never received a response, so i’m assuming she’s willing to throw away a 7+ year friendship over ordering dresses online. it seems silly to me, but if that’s the way she wants to be, then fine. i stand by my question as to whether there was anyway to get the dresses somewhere where they could be tried on. if i can’t find a dress to look good on me in a store where i can physically put it on, i’m not putting any faith in a web order. joe says she’s mad because she knows i’m right. maybe. maybe not. i thought we had a great friendship, but maybe i was wrong if it takes something this minor to ruin it.

on a happier note, i got a nifty rolling storage system for my ever increasing scrapbook tools and gadgets. yay. i will post a picture of it later too. i just wish i had somewhere else to put it besides my living room!

a day with the girls

i got *so* much done yesterday. i was in the mountains for about five hours and finished what i could on five pages. there were somethings i couldn’t do there, such as journaling and a few embellishments i didn’t take along.
the women i scrapped with are hard core! i thought i was cool with my little tote and my pages and such, but they have every tool and gadget imaginable! they showed up with *huge* totes full of things! i was impressed. i know i will learn things from them. when i finished my pages i watched them work on theirs, which was fun. it’s neat to see how other people do their pages.

i decided not to spend the night, mainly because i had finished all the pages i had to do. i also was still getting to know the other women a little bit. another reason i chose not to stay the night was because i get sleepy *very* early thanks to my arthritis. it’s a good thing i didn’t stay. i passed out around 9 p.m. while we were watching my super ex-girlfriend, so i probably wouldn’t have been much fun up in the mountains!
when i got home, joe had takeout from the local diner, which we love, including a *huge* slice of incredibly rich chocolate cake. we didn’t touch it last night, but we may tonight. it looks *yummy*!

here are my pages, minus the journaling:

this one is on our recent trip to visit joe’s grandmother in south carolina. she lives in a small, southern town, so we took some pictures in the downtown area while we were there. i used one of the county courthouse and one of a soda shoppe, because you don’t see those that often.

today was another fabulous day. joe went out and got donuts for breakfast, and we pretty much lounged around all day, watching some tv shows we taped and finishing the movie we started last night. around 5:30 p.m., we headed out to pick up our kiwanis club’s banner from our president for the governor’s rally joe is going to tomorrow night, and then hit taco bell for dinner. then, it was back to lounging around. it was a really nice way to end the weekend.

a scrapbooking we will go

i am off to the mountains for a day of scrapbooking tomorrow. my friend emma’s parents have a cabin in helen, georgia, which is where we girls are heading. i think most of them are staying the night, but i’m probably going to come home tomorrow night. i’m a shy person and just going is really taking me out of my comfort zone. but we’ll just see how it goes, i guess.

i’m really excited though, despite the two-hour drive. i’ve said before that i really don’t have friends down here, since i don’t have a way to meet people my age, so it’ll be nice to meet some new people. maybe i can become friends with them! i told my mom about my plans, and she said, “oh, is joe going?” is joe going. hahaha. isn’t that cute?! 🙂
and, this was a great way to justify some new scrapbooking purchases. woo hoo! i got a *bunch* of paper, a container to keep my paper in, a mini-tote to keep tools and embellishments in, and a really cool tote to carry everything.

while we’re gone, joe and brandon, joe’s friend and emma’s fiance, have a “playdate” planned. it will be a fun day for all!

plugging away

i’m about halfway through with our wedding scrapbook. i’m doing a lot of extra pages, so it’s taking longer. i ordered some really pretty paper from bisous, and i can’t wait to get it! i’ve been so crafty lately! Read on to see my pages!

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