cooperstown or bust

our hotel room is booked. at the end of july, we’ll be heading to new york where we’ll join thousands of people hoping for a semi-decent seat for the baseball hall of fame induction in cooperstown. i am so excited. we’re staying in albany, so we hopefully will get to meet up with lisanne, which i am very excited about as well. she will be the first blogging friend i will have met!

the downside is that i may not be able to go to my friend’s wedding. i am supposed to be a bridesmaid, but we had to book our trip to cooperstown early to even get a hotel room, and julisa still doesn’t know when she will be getting married. we were first told june, and i could have gone by myself then, but now she says it will be either in july or october. if it’s in july, there’s no way i could even go by myself. october probably would be doable. we will see.

last night, joe and i rented “the last kiss”. the previews looked pretty good, and i like zach braff and rachel bilson, so i was excited about it. i must say, however, that it was one of the most depressing movies i have ever watched. i won’t ruin it for those of you who still want to see it, but all the couples have troubles, and there are cheating and breakups aplenty. i asked joe if he took the movie back and said, “my wife left me after this movie,” would they give him his money back. hehehe. but seriously, that and “the break up”, the last two date movies we saw, definitely are not date nights.

on a happier note, i finished a few of our wedding scrapbook pages today, and i think they turned out really well. i really like them. i’m a big fan of ribbons and bows, and i’m using them a lot throughout. joe says they’re my trademark. i just think they’re pretty.

how i use my time

i’m finally getting close to being caught up on my scrapbooking. i have two pages left to be done until new year’s eve. i may get them finished before then, but we’ll see. i really like the christmas and hanukkah pages. here’s what i’ve managed to do:

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i finally got to do some scrapbooking. i’ve been working on holiday presents for the last couple of months, so i haven’t had a chance to do anything for myself. i really had fun with these pages. they’re simple, but i like them. i didn’t want them to be too busy. i still have several more pages to do. i got some really cool paper, and hobby lobby is having a *huge* sale on scrapbooking items, so i’m really excited.

this is a two-page spread i did. it’s the first one i’ve done, and i really like it. i’m still deciding whether or not to put text on the second page though.

i did this one on the dinner of honor we went to on dec. 3. it’s a huge event joe’s school hosts every year, and was a lot of fun.


i spent this afternoon watching the braves knock the astros out of the playoffs (woo hoo!) and working on pages for our wedding scrapbook. i think they turned out fairly well. they definitely are much better than the pages i did for our dating scrapbook. i’ve finished four pages so far.

so what do you all think? decent? half-way decent? hideous?? 🙂

crunching the numbers

i got a fantastic deal from my hairstylist! she’s going to do my run-through and my hair on the big day for a combined total of — are you ready for this? — $55. i’m still in shock. that’s an amazing price. i’ve known this woman since we moved to tennessee in 1994. she’s my mom’s stylist, and she did my hair most of the time i lived in tennessee. i’m really happy she’s doing my hair for my wedding. she does a fabulous job!

now i have a little more money to play with, which is good. i wanted to make my own table decorations as well as work on a few more pages in my scrapbook, which will be on display. i saw these really cute wedding cake candles at a dollar store in south carolina, and joe’s nana sent me 11 of them. coincidentally enough, we’re going to have 11 tables at our reception. so i’m thinking of incorporating them in table displays. boy, i’ve been getting really crafty lately. i don’t know if this is a good thing. you can’t control me at hobby lobby when i have crafts on my mind!


i’ve slowly but surely been working on our scrapbook. i wanted to make one on my relationship with joe to have at our wedding reception so our guests can look through it. i’ve finished several pages so far, but there’s so much more to do. i just found out they closed the scrapbook shop here, but i just found this great site that i’ll probably start using.

i thought i’d post pictures of the pages i’ve done so far and get your opinions. i don’t think i’m creative enough. sigh. any suggestions?

this is the story of how joe and i started dating. i did it last night and made joe drive around for a while when he got up here because i wasn’t done and wanted to surprise him. it’s not completely finished yet. i still have to put one picture in the bottom right corner. i’m using one from one of the steak nights at joe’s kiwanis club.

this is a closeup of the hearts on the “our story” page.

this is the page i did on aj. we’re each doing a page on our cats since they are huge parts of our lives.

this is julius’s page. it’s not done yet. i’m going to write the story of how i came to own him.

our first valentine’s day. *sigh*. heh. the first time we said “i love you.” 🙂

our six-month anniversary.

this is from the riverbend festival we went to in chattanooga. it was the first time joe had been there.

this is the trip to new york that we took with joe’s parents, sister and her fiance. i still have to put another picture or something in the bottom left corner.

this is from the fair we went to last month in bartow county.