hell has frozen over

yes, i think that is what every follower of baseball is saying. why, you may ask? because my boys, the baltimore orioles are kicking ass this season. yes, thanks to players like miguel tejada and brian roberts, my boys are now first in their division. after being at the bottom of the standing for . . . well for so long i can’t remember when they weren’t . . . they’re now making us baltimorans proud. and, as an added bonus, the yankees are fourth. woo hoo! (i apologize now to any yankees fans). i love baseball!

take me out to the baaaaallgaaaame

i love baseball season. last sunday joe had planned to watch the braves-mets game on tv. when i got back from church on saturday, he asked me if i minded watching it with him. of course not. “well good, because i figured we’d watch it at the stadium.” his friend had two extra tickets to the game, so we went along. it was great. his friend, billy, and his girlfriend, jennifer, were very nice and the game was great. we had kick ass seats in the 11th row right between home plate and the visiting team’s dugout. the braves were doing great until they took the starting pitcher out at the top of the 8th. the mets scored three home runs and ended up winning the game. going to the game with joe was definitely the best time i’ve had at a baseball game. we had fun…until i got sick from the sun exposure that is. but that’s another story…