of baseball and brackets

last night was a big night for sports in our house. i had my fantasy baseball draft, and i also had to fill out a bracket for the ncaa basketball tournament. i was not really excited about the bracket because i don’t follow basketball (college or professional), and the sport really doesn’t interest me. but, one of my coworkers wanted me to join in the fun, so i decided to humor him.

ncaa bracket 2

the highlight last night was my draft. i look forward to this every year because it means the start of baseball season is right around the corner. now that my team is set (and what a monster team it is), i cannot wait until march 30. the last two years, i have had bad luck with my teams. i’ve had player after player assigned to the disabled list, which knocked me from the top of the pack to the bottom.

this year will be different, though. i got some kick ass players, and i know that my team is going to rock. i have home run hitters and base stealers. i have some fabulous pitchers and decent (hopefully) relievers. if saves is the only category i’m at the bottom in i’ll be in good shape.

fantasy baseball draft 1

my team’s name is the best part: HomeGrownHitters. using the capital letters you get “hgh”. haha. so fitting for baseball. all credit for the name has to go to my husband. he always comes up with such creative team names.

my last pick of the night was tom glavine. i figured i should get another pitcher, and considering glavine is coming back to the braves for what probably is his last season, i thought it was fitting.

fantasy baseball draft 2

i’m going to kick some fantasy baseball butt this year, and i can’t wait.

baseball and friends

our tickets for the braves home opener arrived today! ripping open the envelope and seeing the tickets made me *so* excited for the 31st. i cannot wait for the start of baseball season to arrive.

speaking of baseball, we have booked our trip for july. we’re going to new york to catch a game mets game during their final season at shea stadium. we’re staying at the holiday inn laguardia airport, which is fabulous because it’s only a 10 minute walk to shea stadium. it’s also a 10 minute walk to the subway, which will make it easy for us to get into the city on sunday and do some more sight-seeing. and, as an added bonus, we found out our friends tim and mindy were planning their trip for the same weekend, so we got tickets together for the game. they’re also staying at an airport hotel, so we’ll be able to hang out for the weekend, which will be *so* much fun! i cannot wait until our trip. the only thing that could make it better now is if johan santana is pitching.

take me out to the ballgame

we’re going to opening day! the braves are playing at home this year on march 31st. it’s the first time in several years they’ve been home on the actual opening day, so we’re really excited. joe used to go to the home opener every year with his best friend, phillip, but since phillip now lives in arizona, i get to go. i’ve never gone to opening day before, so i’m excited. i bet the energy is just amazing!

stories conflict in clemens hearing

ace pitcher and future hall of famer roger clemens could be the next baseball player investigated for perjury after conflicting stories today during a congressional hearing about his use of steroids.

clemens said during a congressional hearing that he was given b-12 shots, while his former trainer, brian mcnamee said the injections he gave clemens were steroid shots. clemens said he received b-12 shots on three different occasions. mcnamee, however, testified that he injected the cy young award winner with testosterone and human growth hormone (hgh).

clemens testified that he continued to pitch well because he worked out harder and more often. a doctor said during the hearing that hgh makes you workout harder and more often.

clemens also told lawmakers that it was his wife, debbie, who took hgh. as a dj on one of our local sports stations said, you have a ranch in texas where two people live. one is a man who has won seven cy young awards and has pitched well into his 40s. the other is a housewife. who do you think would take hgh?

either clemens is right and has been severely wronged, or he’s wrong and he’ll join the ranks of san francisco giants slugger barry bonds, who now faces perjury charges.

summer vacation

joe and i have been thinking a lot lately about our summer vacation. we go to san francisco where i have a lot of family and where we can see the giants and a’s play.

we could also go to maryland, where i am from, to see the orioles and nationals. we’d also get a chance to visit my family and friends up there, and i’d be able to show joe where i grew up. it would also be fun because it will be the first season the nationals will be in their new stadium.

other options we’ve been throwing around going to florida to see the marlins and devil rays, and going back to new york to see a mets game during their final season at shea stadium. that just seems so historic to me.

but, our decision has been made for us. joe’s best friend is getting married on sept. 20 near cleveland, ohio, and last night asked joe to be his best man. so, we will be heading up there and taking in an indians game the day after the wedding.

the question now is, do we make it a quick trip by flying up friday morning and coming back sunday night, or do we make it our summer vacation and spend extra time there, since it is the home of the nfl hall of fame and the rock and roll hall of fame. if we make it a quick trip, we might be able to fit in another trip earlier in the summer. i’d love to do a weekend trip to new york and catch a game at shea. i’d be really sad if we never were able to go there. what do you guys think?

world series champs

the boston red sox won their 7th world series last night. i was glad to see them win because i really like them, but i was sad the world series ended so soon. i was really hoping it wouldn’t be a sweep. now, it’s on to thinking about next season.