world series: game 1

what a game last night. i guess it was more batting practice for the red sox than a game, with a final score of 13-1. the 5th inning lasted 34 minutes. unbelievable. and that included three walked-in runs in a row.

i think this series is the sox’s to lose.


former new york mayor and lifelong yankees fan rudy guiliani said yesterday he’s hoping the boston red sox win the world series. he says he wants an american league team to win. obviously it was purely a political move, as he was speaking in boston. there is some major hatred between the two teams and the fact that if you’re a die hard yankees fan you don’t cheer for the red sox under any circumstances, and same goes for red sox fans. it’s like us here in atlanta — we *hate* the mets. if the mets were in the world series there is no way we would want them to win, even if they were representing the national league. that’s what happens when you’re a true baseball fan.

that said, i’m really excited about the world series starting tonight. i think it’ll be a great one. at this point, i don’t know who i want to win. i really like the red sox, and i consider them one of my favorite teams, but i also like the fact that the rockies weren’t even expected to make the playoffs and here they are with 21 wins in their last 22 games. i’ll be happy with whoever wins, i guess. i think the red sox will pull it off though. they have strong pitching and hitting, where the rockies have only good hitters. i couldn’t tell you the name of one of their starting pitchers.

it’s going to be a great week. i love postseason baseball.

birthday fun

i just remembered i forgot to tell you all about joe’s birthday! i think he had a pretty good one. on saturday night, i surprised him by inviting some of his friends to meet us for dinner. it was funny because when we walked in, he saw tim but not everyone else, and he thought, oh cool. tim’s here too. what a coincidence. then he saw everyone else and was quite surprised.

i gave him his present monday night because i had a meeting tuesday night, and he was seeing a movie tuesday night with his dad. he absolutely loved the map. he had fun looking at the detailed drawings of every park. i can’t wait for us to be able to put the stickers on the stadiums we’ve already been to.

joe with baseball map 2

on tuesday, i had a cake ready for him. yum.

joe blowing out candles crop

i think he had a fun birthday. tonight, we went to brandon and emma’s new house for a housewarming/brandon’s birthday party. it was a lot of fun. joe and i hung out with some of the guys downstairs for a while watching the yankees/indians game. i hope we didn’t look like we were too antisocial! afterward, we hit up cicis for our usual dinner. yum.

tomorrow, we’re heading up to my parents’ to see my aunt and uncle who are visiting from california, and to celebrate joe and oriona’s birthdays. then, on sunday, we’re going to joe’s parents’ to celebrate three birthday’s: joe’s, my mil’s and my sil’s. yet another busy, busy weekend.

baseball and traveling

joe and i are already thinking about next year’s vacation. as of now, we’re looking at an atlanta to kansas city to san francisco route. my dad’s cousin lives in san fran and said if we get ourselves out there he’ll take care of the rest of our stay. i haven’t seen him in years, so it’ll be nice to see him again. plus, my cousins live out in that sort of general area (jacki is an hour away and ray is in loma linda, but said he’d fly up to see us). it would be a great trip filled with family, sight-seeing and baseball. obviously, one of the highlights of our trip would be seeing a giants game. and, of course, maybe being able to meet up with liz!

i’m sure you all noticed the kansas city part of our itinerary too. now, i’m sure there is a plethora of things to do in kansas city, but we’re not interested in that. our only reason for stopping there is a trip to kaufmann stadium, home of the kansas city royals, joe’s new favorite team. we wanted to fly in, see a game and fly right back out, but then we realized we would have our luggage with us. and we’d need transportation. so, we might stay overnight and head out to san fran the next day.

it’s all still in the works. things might happen that would change our plans (if you know what i mean). but it’s fun to start planning.

how suite it is

me and joe at braves game

sitting in a suite is defintely the best way to watch a baseball game. i don’t know how i’ll go back to the regular seats now! as joe and i sat in the box, we saw people on the lower level fanning themselves. why are they doing that, i thought. it’s not hot out. then i remembered that i was under an overhang with a fan blowing on me. hehe.

we had the best time today. it was a fantastic game. the braves were down 4-1 and managed to come back and win 7-4. it was really awesome and a great way to end the home season. the funniest thing happened. we were walking in, heading toward the escalators, and i saw sara! i didn’t really recognize her at first (she looked different than her pics!), but i definitely recognized her daughter and fiance! it was so random. i looked over and said, “hey, isn’t that sara??” so, we caught up with them and talked for a few minutes. she is so sweet!

we also met up with jon, one of joe’s best friends, and that was a blast. i haven’t seen him since our wedding! now we’re home, and it’s back to the routine. it’s too bad today had to end.


joe’s friend jon gave him a call this morning.

jon: hey, what are you doing sunday?

joe: going to the braves game.

jon: me too. where are you sitting?

joe: lexus suites.

jon: heh. me too.

looks like we’ll be able to hang out with jon while we’re in the lexus suites. did i mention we are going to be sitting in the LEXUS SUITES? where all the corporate bigwigs take clients and potential clients? in the air conditioning? joe’s mom works at cnn and won tickets for the last home game of the season. last year we got more tickets from her, but this year we just didn’t have time to go to games. bummer. the funny thing is someone else in her office won a parking pass for the game. haha…a parking pass but no ticket.s how much does that suck? anyway, we are so excited. we just hope our suite will have free food!