fun with photoshop

check out my husband’s mad photoshopping skills….



i was tagged by sara, so here we go . . .

a- attached or single? attached
b- best friend: julisa
c- cake or pie: cake, but i love them both. i’ll never turn down either!
d- drink of choice: diet lemonade from chick-fil-a. mmmm.
e- essential item: one of my many purses. 🙂
f- favorite color: pink
g- gummi bears or worms?  bears
h- hometown: beltsville, md.
i- indulgence: french fries and chocolate 
j- january or february:  um…i guess february…i don’t really have a preference.
k- kids: hopefully soon!
l- life is incomplete without: someone to share it with
m- marriage date: sept. 3, 2006
n – number of siblings: one sister, two brothers, two sisters-in-law and one brother-in-law
o- oranges or apples? both!
p- phobias/fears: death
q- favorite quote: “get it first, but first, get it right.” (the old associated press slogan)
r- reasons to smile: my husband, my house, my family
s- season: spring…summer is tooo hot now!
t- tag three: stacey, l, lisanne
u- unknown fact about me:  i like watching nascar.
v-vegetarian or not: i am most definitely a vegetarian.
w- worst habit: i bite and pick at my fingers when i’m nervous.
x – x-rays or ultrasounds? x-rays…last time i had an ultrasound i had to hold in a full bladder for an hour.
y- your favorite foods: italian and mexican
z- zodiac: aries

five things you never knew about me

i was tagged by lisa to do this, and i’m always up for a challenge. i have to list five things about me that i haven’t ever revealed in my blog. here are the rules: 1. get tagged 2. list five things that have not been revealed on your blog 3. tag five others.

alrighty then…

1. i used to play the violin and the piano. i quit the violin when i was very, very young (sometime before first grade) because i was too young to want to practice. i quit the piano in high school. now, i wish i had stuck with both.

2. i am very paranoid. i tend to think that if i’m not in the room, other people are talking about me.

3. before i decided to become a journalist, i wanted to go to law school and be a prosecutor or defense attorney.

4. i am a very, very shy person. it’s hard for me to talk to people unless i know them pretty well. i don’t know why i’m shy because no one else in my family is.

5. i am not good at keeping in touch with old friends. one of my goals this year is to do a better job at that.

now, it’s your turn. i’m tagging:

1. sara

2. laura

3. liz

4. chas

5. stacey

the abc’s of homemaking

i saw this on laura and liz’s blogs, and i am bored, so i thought i’d post it as well.

aprons – y/n? y - i have one that my mil gave me but i haven’t used it yet.
baking – favorite thing to bake? i love baking anything, but my favorites are cakes and brownies.
clothesline – y/n? n – i have never used one and never had a desire to.
donuts – ever made them? i have not, but joe would love it if i learned how!
everyday – one homemaking thing you do everyday? hmm…probably just general straigtening up.
freezer – do you have a separate deep freezer? no, but i would like one when we get a house.
garbage disposal – y/n? oh yes.
handbook – y/n? huh??
ironing – love it or hate it? hate is not a strong enough word. i absolutely despise it. luckily, my husband doesn’t mind that chore. 🙂
junk drawer – where is it? it is in the kitchen.
kitchen – design and decorating? white tile and white walls. i can’t wait to move to a house so i can paint the kitchen!
love – what is your favorite part of homemaking? doing chores as a married woman. 🙂
mop – y/n? yes, but joe does it.
nylons – wash them by hand or in the washer? i refuse to wear nylons, but when i used to wear them i washed them by hand. they tore too easily in the washer.
oven – do you use the window or open it to check? i open it to check food.
pizza – what do you put on yours? veggies, no cheese. yum!
quiet – what do you do during the day when you get a quiet moment? spend some times with the terrible threesome — julius, aj and dizzy. 😉
recipe card box – y/n? no. i don’t have one yet, but i’m working on making one.
style of house – what house? we’re still in an apartment.
tablecloths and napkins – y/n? i use nice napkins when we have company over, but paper napkins for day-to-day eating. i have tablecloths, but i don’t put them on the table unless someone’s coming over because the cats haven’t learned to not get up on the table yet.
under the kitchen sink – plastic grocery store bags, cleaning supplies.
vacuum – how many times a week? i like to do it at least twice a week, but sometimes it only gets done once.
wash – how many loads do you do a week? at leat 5 or 6. it seems like i’m doing laundry all the time!
x’es – do you keep a list of things to do and cross them off? no, but i’ve been thinking about starting one.
yard – who does what? we don’t have a yard yet. 🙁
zzz’s – what is your last homemaking task for the day? cleaning up after dinner.

middle name meme

i got this from laura. take the third letter of your middle name and use it to answer the questions. my middle name is alicea, so i get an “i”. just by glancing at this, i think this will be difficult. joe and i collaborated on it. 🙂

names used in the Bible: isaac, ishmael, israel
junk food: ice cream
things that grow: infants

companies: intel, ini-tech (from office space!)
articles of clothing:
desserts: ice cream
car parts: the inside! (i’m desperate. this letter sucks!)
things found on a map: island

athletes: pete incavelia (according to joe, he played for the phillies.)
four-letter words: isle
items in a refrigerator: italian dressing
farm animals: inch worm (see how desperate i am??)
street names: illinois avenue, indiana avenue
things at the beach:
colors: indigo

heroes: iceman
terms of endearment: i love you 🙂
kinds of dances:

a scrapbooking we will go

i am off to the mountains for a day of scrapbooking tomorrow. my friend emma’s parents have a cabin in helen, georgia, which is where we girls are heading. i think most of them are staying the night, but i’m probably going to come home tomorrow night. i’m a shy person and just going is really taking me out of my comfort zone. but we’ll just see how it goes, i guess.

i’m really excited though, despite the two-hour drive. i’ve said before that i really don’t have friends down here, since i don’t have a way to meet people my age, so it’ll be nice to meet some new people. maybe i can become friends with them! i told my mom about my plans, and she said, “oh, is joe going?” is joe going. hahaha. isn’t that cute?! 🙂
and, this was a great way to justify some new scrapbooking purchases. woo hoo! i got a *bunch* of paper, a container to keep my paper in, a mini-tote to keep tools and embellishments in, and a really cool tote to carry everything.

while we’re gone, joe and brandon, joe’s friend and emma’s fiance, have a “playdate” planned. it will be a fun day for all!