Fat Burning Shots?

I had to go to my PCP yesterday, and while I was there, I asked about going back on phentermine for a few months. I was on it a few years ago and had pretty good success with it, and I figured that combining that with exercise would boost my weight loss and help me be able to lose easier after I go off it.

The NP I saw said I would need an EKG before I could go back on it (strange, because I didn’t have one in the first place), and then suggested I go on a fat burning shot. I don’t remember what kind she said it was, but she said it would increase my energy and help me lose weight. I googled a bit yesterday and found reports that shots of phentermine worked well for weight loss while B12 shots didn’t. For some reason I was thinking she had mentioned B12 shots.

I go back in three weeks for a follow up, and I’ll definitely need to do more research on this and give it more thought. Have any of you heard of this kind of thing before?

Bouncing Back

Joe’s feeling better now that he’s a week post sinus surgery.

Of course, that’s after having a dentist sucker stuck up his nose all the way back to his throat on Tuesday when he went in to get his packing out. That was not so pleasant.

I didn’t realize how hard sinus surgery would be. I figured, eh, he’s not having surgery on a major limb, so he’ll be fine. But, there are still big restrictions. When you can’t bend over or lift anything, you realize how little you can really do. The first night was pretty rough, but we were really impressed with how little bleeding there really was (though Joe thought he was going to bleed out and die!). He healed quite well.


Grandma came up to watch Lucy while we were at the hospital, and she graciously offered to stay the rest of the day to help me out, which was great considering I had to run a bunch of errands for Joe. Plus, it let me focus on Joe and gave Grandma some good bonding time with Lucy.


I spent last week going back and forth between Joe and Lucy. Joe was SUCH an easy patient, which was great because Lucy FLIPPED OUT whenever I left the room to check on her daddy. Finally, I decided it would be easier to just have them both in one room.


The worst part of the surgery for Joe wasn’t the pain or discomfort but the fact that he couldn’t hold Lucy. Boy, did he miss cuddling his baby girl. He’s sure making up for lost time now, and Lucy isn’t complaining!

Is he glad he did it? I think so. Would he do it again? Not a chance!

Working Out

I decided to hold off on joining Weight Watchers. I’d love to be able to lose the weight without paying the monthly fee.

So, I’ve really started to exercise more regularly. Sure, it’s only been a week, and even though my workouts tire me out, I feel good afterward. I’m still working on building back up to the amount of time I was doing before, but even though I’m only doing 30 minutes on the bike at a time, I’m working hard. Here’s my workout for the last week:

Monday: 30 minutes bike
Tuesday: 30 minutes bike
Wednesday: off
Thursday: 1 mile walk (was planning on doing 2 miles, but it was SUPER out outside)
Friday: 30 minutes bike

While we don’t eat badly, I’m making more of a conscious effort to get more fruits and veggies in my diet, such as taking broccoli and carrots to work for a snack.

I know it’s going to take a while to really see results, but I’m hoping I’ll notice a difference in a few weeks.

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Post-pregnancy Clothes

I did it. I bit the bullet and bought some non-maternity pants.

It’s not pretty, people. I’m two sizes larger in pants than I was pre-baby. Sigh. I was going to wait, but I’m getting tired of wearing my maternity pants. Seriously tired. I just bought a pair of jeans, so I’m still wearing maternity pants for work, but I guess I’ll start phasing those out too. At least the jeans I bought don’t make me look as large as I am.

On the bright side, when I was weighed in at my rheumatologist’s office yesterday my weight was the same was it was about a month ago at our weight loss class at work. Although, since I weigh-in at work with my shoes off, I’m hoping that having them on yesterday added a little bit. Maintaining or having a little bit of a loss is good considering I can’t do anything active right now with my knee problems. At least I’m not gaining. I wish I could find some kind of quick weight loss diet to lose the extra pounds, but I know those really don’t work in the long run. Slow and steady.

Aging Not-so-Gracefully

I’m an 80-year-old trapped in a 29-year-old’s body.

Today, I saw an orthopaedist for pain I’ve been having in my left knee. For the last week, it’s been unbearably painful when I walk or straighten it. The pain is different than arthritis, which is why I thought an ortho was the way to go. I had x-rays taken, and the doctor came in my room to tell me that I have arthritis. No kidding. Also, I have osteoporosis. Oh, and I have no cartilage anymore, which is why my knee crunches when I bend or move it.

Fantastic. He thinks the pain was from an arthritis flareup (which I thought was interesting because I’ve never had a flareup like this before), so he gave me the option of a higher dose of prednisone or a cortisone shot into the joint. I chose the shot because it is supposed to work faster, and the doctor told me I may have a little pain afterward. No big deal.

I guess his idea of a “little” pain is different than mine. This pain was worse than my labor pre-epidural. I was walking around the house (because I couldn’t sit) screaming and crying. My brother, who is a nurse, said that amount of pain couldn’t be normal and thought I should call 911 and have an ambulance take me to the hospital. Joe eventually got a hold of a nurse at the ortho’s office who said that this extreme pain isn’t normal but can happen. And, once I sat down and iced my knee, I couldn’t move my leg from the knee down. Apparently, that can happen too. That sure would have been nice to know, oh, say, pre-shot. I can tell you I would have chosen the prednisone.

The pain is supposed to be better by tomorrow. I’m not holding my breath. When I go back for my follow up visit in two weeks, I’m going to ask about knee replacement surgery. If there is no cartilage left, it makes no sense to continue wearing down the bone with my daily movements.

So, since I have the body of a senior citizen, does that mean I get the benefits?? A 10-cent coffee at McDonald’s and reduced-priced movie tickets might make me feel a little bit better.