opinions, anyone?

i’ve heard that if i do my exercise program i can still eat 2,500 calories a day (which is what the calories listed on nutritional guides is based on anyway). anyone agree or disagree with that? i know you have to burn more calories than you take in to lose weight, but i have no idea how many calories i burn on the exercise program.

yet another exercise program

i’ve decided to try a different exercise program. this program says i’ll get a bikini body in 11 weeks. seems like a short time to me, but i’m game. i’m still sore from last night’s first workout. i hope it works.

losing weight, week 2

week 1 starting weight: 158
week 2 weight: 155
i’m down three pounds!! it looks like busting my butt is paying off!!

new exercise regime, part 2

i have my new exercise dvd (with six different workouts and three different intesities). i have my weights. i have my jump rope (boy i feel like a kid again). i have my bike. i’m ready to go. joe has developed a new exercise routine for me, with both morning and evening exercises. for example, this morning i did 20 minutes of cardio on my dvd and 10 minutes of upper body. tonight i’ll do 30 minutes on my bike. every day will have two sets of cardio and either upper body, lower body or abs. if this doesn’t make me look good nothing will. and joe decided i need motivation, so if i do this every day until the end of may he’s going to buy me a new outfit. wooo. maybe every six weeks there’ll be some sort of reward. 😉

new workout

this new workout joe came up with for me is difficult. we’re talking extremely hard. i’m winded after my first set. i ride my bike for 10 minutes as fast as i can, do one set of ab exercises and take a five minute break. then repeat two more times. i’ll interchange abs and pushups every other day. joe says if you don’t change up your workout every few months your body gets used to it, so we’ll see how this goes. i’m already feeling the burn now though. hopefully it won’t trigger an ra flareup!


i’ve been struggling with my weight lately, and even though he doesn’t think i’m fat i’m not feeling too good about myself. joe just emailed me to tell me he’s been doing research and found a new workout for me to try. it’s little things like that that show me how much he loves me.