Weight Loss Motivation

I’ve been struggling with losing weight since having Lucy. Even though I haven’t been eating too badly, I haven’t been super motivated. Plus, I’ve been *so* tired, I just haven’t felt like exercising.

I’m hoping that’s about to change. Yesterday, I attended my first of 8 weight loss programs at work. It’s part of a wellness program that we all had the opportunity to participate in. For me, it was a no-brainer. It’s free, it’s during work hours and it’s time with a registered dietician. I’m hoping that this will work for me so I won’t have to rejoin Weight Watchers.

One thing I know I need to do is to start eating breakfast. I’m not a breakfast person. Even though I’m hungry in the mornings, I just don’t get around to it, especially with a 2-month-old to take care of. Today, I got up an hour or so earlier than normal and have had a leisurely morning while Lucy sleeps, including eating a pretty good breakfast.

Another thing I didn’t realize was that I should be eating something every few hours. The woman leading our class says that when our blood sugar stays level, our metabolism does as well. When you eat every few hours, your blood sugar spikes leading your metabolism to spike.

It’s going to be a long road. I have about 44 pounds to lose to get my BMI into the healthy range. According to the CDC, I’m obese. I never really thought I was that large, but I guess I am. My first goal is to be out of maternity clothes by the Atlanta Arthritis Foundation walk in May. I think I can do that.

I just wish I wasn’t so hungry all the time.

Postpartum Checkup

My postpartum checkup on New Year’s Eve wasn’t as good as I had hoped. Physically, everything was fine. I had healed and was released to exercise. However, I hadn’t lost as much weight as I had hoped — 7 pounds, or about a third of the pregnancy weight — to be exact. I know I lost more right after giving birth when I was still nursing, and I could tell some of it had come back after we switched to formula, but I was still a little disappointed. But, as Joe said, I have to look at it in terms of being one-third of the pregnancy weight gain. I still have a *long* way to go.

I also found out my iron is still rather low. They look for a 12 and I was at 9.8. I wish I had asked what my level was at the hospital when I was first put on iron supplements so I can see how much it increased, if at all. Nonetheless, I am staying on the supplements for the next four months. I really hope my iron is back to normal by then. Not only am I tired of taking an extra pill every day, but I’m getting really tired of the fatigue associated with low iron.

One happy point, though, was taking Lucy’s picture with the OB who delivered her. It was something I forgot to do after giving birth (can’t imagine why that slipped my mind!), and it was a picture I wanted so I can show her one day. I find it kind of funny that the OB who delivered her was the one I saw at my first OB appointment, and who I only saw once after that during my pregnancy. I really like him, though. He’s always super happy and cheerful.

lucy and dr. lense

Apparently, I’m Selfish

I finally got my seasonal flu shot. I have been trying for *weeks* to get one from my primary care physician’s office and was added to a waiting list I was told was four pages long.

Last week, I got the call that they had a shot for me and I could get it on Monday. However, since Monday was spent in the hospital thinking (and hoping) that I was in labor, I didn’t make it. Today, I got a call from my doctor’s office asking me if I was still interested. I apologized and explained about Monday, and the nurse responded by saying, “So, do you want it or not?” Apparently, a 90-year-old woman wanted one too, and she would get my shot if I didn’t want it.

I definitely think the elderly should be vaccinated, but since I literally have *no* immune system right now and since the vaccine will innoculate Lucy (important since she will be born during flu season and can’t get the shot after birth until 6 months old), I really felt like I needed to get it.

When I arrived, the oh-so-friendly nurse ushered me to the lab and said, “This 90-year-old woman REALLY needs this shot, but I HAD to find out if you wanted it first since we were holding it for you.”

Guilt trip much? So, I guess I’m selfish, but I have my baby to think about too.


It took me a two-hour turned four-hour round trip and a huge hassle with the after hours operator at my OB’s office, but I finally got my H1N1 vaccination today. I think Georgia is the only state that has yet to receive the vaccine in injection form, and I found out about this small shipment by a fluke. I emailed my MIL to ask her to keep an ear out for when the injections arrive in her county, and she told me she had heard on the news this morning that a small shipment had arrived in a county south of Atlanta.

I debated the venture during my rheumatologist appointment. I really wanted to get the vaccine so I could feel more secure about being in public (since with the arthritis and pregnancy affecting my immune system I basically don’t have one now), but it would take me between an hour and an hour and a half to get there. Plus, I didn’t have a guarantee that there would be any doses left when I arrived. But, after Joe told me that one of his good friends at work, who we went out with recently, is out with H1N1, and knowing that he definitely had been exposed and I may have been directly exposed, I decided to take my chances.

About 20 minutes down I-75, traffic came to a stop. And it was stop and go the rest of the way. I have no idea why. There were no wrecks. There was no construction. Traffic going northbound was stop and go as well. When I got off the interstate, the road I had to take was shut down in both directions because of a crash. Needless to say, as the clock ticked past 1 p.m. (and I was told to try to be first in line when the health department reopened at 1), I was getting more and more worried that I had made the trip for nothing since I didn’t know how many doses were left.

I arrived and rushed in, and I was taken back with the third group of 10. What really bothered me was that there were only four of us out of more than 50 who were pregnant. Now, granted, I don’t know the health histories of everyone else, but they sure didn’t look like they were in the high risk category to me. And, the woman we spoke with at the health department said they were giving the shot to anyone, not just those in the high risk category. I guess the CDC’s categorizing of people doesn’t mean much in the grand scheme of things.

I thought I was in the clear once I got back to the second waiting room, but as I was called back to get my shot, the woman who took my paperwork at the door said, “Oh, wait, you’re pregnant. You need a note faxed by your doctor.” Why couldn’t she have told me this before I sat around and waited? And why weren’t we told this during one of our, what, 20 phone calls to them this morning checking on the supply?

So, I called the office only to remember it closes at noon on Fridays. An employee told me to go ahead and just let it roll to the after hours operator. When I did, I was told that this wasn’t something they were going to page the doctor for. Now, I realize it wasn’t a real emergency, but it was only an hour after the office had closed. It’s not like I was calling at 10 p.m. for this. The operator told me to have a nurse call back and they would page the doctor for her. So, I did. And they told her they wouldn’t page the doctor.

Sigh. Eventually, the operator said she would call to the back of the office, and if anyone was there they could fax my note. Otherwise I was out of luck. The nurse told me she would save my vaccine, but I really didn’t want to make the drive again on Monday.

Luckily, one of the doctors I’ve seen a few times was there and faxed it over, though it took another 30 minutes or so of waiting to get it since it apparently went to a fax machine that wasn’t being watched and it took the woman who I had encountered at the door seeing me and saying, “Oh, you don’t have your fax yet?” to get it.

So, in two minutes I was out and headed back home. And, after another two hours of stop and go traffic (mainly stop) northbound on the interstate I arrived back in town . . . just in time to be stopped at road blocks for the homecoming parade.

But it worked out. I got my vaccine, and now Lucy and myself are protected. And, at least I now have a fun story to share. Now, if I can only find the seasonal flu vaccine somewhere. . .


My rheumatologist is refusing to refill my prednisone prescription. Why? Because I haven’t seen her since last November.

Sure, earlier this year I had other things on my mind like, oh, I don’t know, fertility treatments and getting pregnant. Then, I got put on bed rest. By the time our issues were resolved and I called to reschedule my appointment, my doctor was on maternity leave until October. It was about 5-6 months of maternity leave. I scheduled my appointment for mid-October, and when I showed up at her office I was told she was out for the day and they had rescheduled my appointment, something I hadn’t been aware of.

So, I had to reschedule it for this coming Friday. Unfortunately, I ran out of my prescription last Friday. And now, I can’t get it refilled. I know a week isn’t a long time, but when you have moderate rheumatoid arthritis and the only thing you can take is 2 mg a day of prednisone, without it you’re in quite a bit of pain.

Oh, and did I mention that it took three phone calls to my doctor’s nurse to get a call back (including giving a message to the receptionist)? And that she called me Candisa Coleman? Seriously? Check your patient’s chart before you call her.

Maybe I should look for a new doctor.

32 Weeks

Today I made an unplanned trip to the OB after feeling under the weather for the last couple of days. At first, I started out having typical hayfever symptoms, but last night I had a HORRIBLE cough and started feeling achy, so I was told to come in today to get checked out.

The midwife thought I had the flu, even though I didn’t have a temperature (she said that’s not always a prerequisite), but luckily my flu test came back negative for both Type A and B. I have some kind of viral infection, which she said is still contagious, so because of that and the fact that I felt like I was going to die, I took the day off work, drugged myself up and took close to a 3-hour nap.

I’m feeling a little bit better tonight, which really isn’t saying much, so hopefully I’ll feel even better tomorrow. And hopefully my voice won’t be so rough. Otherwise I won’t sound so good on the air.

Despite that, I still have horrible heartburn/acid reflux when I sleep. Hooray. Lucy’s been bouncing around a lot, though, especially this morning while I was at the doctor’s office. She didn’t move a lot last night, probably because I shook her up so much with my coughing, so I guess she was making up for it. I also saw my belly move for the first time today. She was SO squirmy that I could see my belly lurch from side-to-side and ripple. It was great. Everyone in the waiting room probably thought I was weird for staring at my belly and laughing.

The midwife also tried to help me feel Lucy’s head, but I wasn’t able to. She made it sound so easy, but I jusdt couldn’t feel the hard lump. But, I told her I trusted her when she said that Lucy’s head down. 🙂 Apparently, she could feel her cute little butt too. Awesome. 🙂

Oh, and I was down three pounds from last week. I have no idea how that happened, but I’m not complaining. I just hope it wasn’t a fluke and I’ll be up even more at my next appointment. If I’m feeling better by Monday, I don’t have to go in for my regular appointment since the baby was checked today, which would be nice. Now, I’m off to take some more medicine and go to bed. Hooray.