i’m finally taking part in katy’s self portrait friday. this week’s theme: what gets you stressed out, worked up or worn out.

mine are all pretty obvious.

first off we have my scale. my weight is a constant source of stress as it fluctuates up and down day-to-day.

my blog is a new stress. i’ve been stressed all day trying to fix it, to no avail. (so if anyone out there can help me move my sidebar back up i and my sanity would thank you!)

and last, but definitely not least, we have my cats’ litter box. aj goes to the bathroom in the litter box. julius prefers to use the blue mat in front of it or the floor…whichever he’s in the mood for. i hate going downstairs every morning because i know i’ll have something to clean up. sigh.

so there you have it. the three main stresses in my life. if i can get rid of at least one of them i’d be happy 🙂

sigh. dieting. sigh.

so the scale says i’m up half a pound. i hate it when it goes in the wrong direction, even if it’s a small amount like this. joe says not to worry about half a pound and that it could be the muscle building up from all the working out i’ve been doing. what do you all think?


this diet thing is really frustrating me. my scale says i’m losing weight yet my clothes seem to be fitting tighter. joe says it’s all in my head. it might be. but it’s depressing me. i just want to be thin again.

one more thing

according to the calorie need calculator i should be eating 1,845 calories a day. so i guess i’ll try that for the next week or so and see what happens.

i give up

i’m on my…what…third exercise program, i’m dieting like crazy and what happens? i gain weight. yep. i’m up three pounds. 159. i’m frustrated. very frustrated. every time i work out and diet i gain weight. i really don’t understand it. maybe i’m just not meant to lose weight. i don’t know. i’m going to go cry now.

mmm . . . starbucks . . . coffee

mocha light frap no whip
119 calories
oh how i love starbucks