diet supplements

have any of you ever tried diet supplements? i have only tried a supplement once. when i was in college, i tried metabolife because the resident assistant on my floor in the girl’s dorm swore that it raised her metabolism and helped her lose weight without exercise. well, that was definitely my idea of a great product. so, i bought a bottle from the store, but i only took it for a few days. i forget why i stopped, but i think it might have been from negative talk about diet supplements.

since then i’ve shied away from supplements. sure, new products like alli and b12 injections are tempting but i’ve heard bad things about that product (such as unpleasant side effects), so i haven’t tried it. i’ve heard warnings about effects like elevated heart rates from diet supplements, but i’m sure many of them do work. technically, the medicine i’m on right now is a diet supplement, as it causes a decrease in appetite. but, i’m more comfortable with it because it was prescribed by a doctor, and i will only be taking a certain amount.

i don’t know if i would use a diet supplement in the future. i’m worried about dependency. already, i’m nervous about how my body will react once i stop the phentermine i’m taking. i’m worried that my appetite will come back and i will gain the weight i’m losing back. that makes me want to keep taking the pills. so what are your thoughts? have you ever taken a diet supplement? if you have, would you take one again? if you haven’t, would you consider taking one to aid weight loss?
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weekly weigh-in

i am down 2.4 pounds this week! i was so excited after weighing myself this morning, especially since i dreamt last night that i gained 5 pounds overnight. that’s the most i’ve ever lost in a week, and now i’m down 5.6 pounds. my weight usually drops between sunday and tuesday, and then stays the same until friday, but i’m always paranoid that i will continue to maintain and not keep losing. i guess that will cease over time.

three more days

today when i weighed in i was down 6 pounds from when i started the phentermine and 1 pound away from my wedding weight. last week, my weight jumped a little from tuesday and stayed there through my friday weigh-in (although it was down from the week before). i *really* want to stay where i am now through friday’s weigh-in. at this rate, i could be on my way to looking hot by the time we head to savannah on the 25th.

fitting it in

the adipex sure is doing its job. i’m not seeing the big weight loss that others do (probably because i don’t have as much to lose), but boy is it curbing my hunger. most days i have a piece of toast for breakfast, a sandwich and half a bag of baked lays for lunch, and i am *full*. it’s insane. i manage to get in around 1,200 calories a day, but it’s hard. i find myself worrying that i won’t eat enough in order to lose. it’s crazy. i never thought i would reach this point. but, i suppose it’s a good problem to have.


today i weighed in for my first week on phentermine. i lost 4.6 pounds! and, i’m down 0.4 pounds from last friday, which is my officials weigh-in day. i know that’s not a lot, but i’m confident i’ll have a bigger loss on friday. for now, though, i’m proud of my phentermine weigh-in. i wanted a full 5 pounds, but that’s close enough. if i can lose that much every week i’ll be at my goal weight before my two months are up!

what i want to see

i’ve been reading posts in a forum on phentermine/adipex. i just read one in which a woman said she lost 4.8 pounds in her first four days on the medicine. i’ve been on it for three and have lost absolutely nothing. don’t get me wrong, i don’t want to lose that much in that amount of time, but one pound would be nice.