wordless wednesday: a look into the future

harry cute shirt 2
“lock up your daughters”

software and site names

remember how the customer service rep at ritz camera said she couldn’t have a software cd for our new camera sent to us? yeah, well, apparently they *can* because when we arrived home today it was sitting on our doorstep. i’m still wondering how this company operates when no one knows what in the world is going on.

in other camera news, the camera is *awesome*. we are loving it. i will post some pictures from it later. we are amazed at how crisp the colors are.

i want to move our family blog to its own domain. that way when we (finally) get pregnant, we can set up a subdomain for our baby. plus, joe and i could move our personal blogs over as well. however, the names i’ve tried (schulman.com/.net, schulmanfamily.com/.net, theschulmans.com/.net, schulmans.com/.net) are all taken. i’m wracking my brain trying to figure out another domain name. any suggestions?

it just started pouring outside and my poor hubby is off on his four-mile run. he is not going to be too happy. and yes, i tried to go pick him up but he’s parked behind me and he took his car keys.

words of the month


happy mother’s day

happy mother’s day to all my mommy bloggy friends!!


i think i will be posting more on the private side now. i have one up now, and when i do put up a private post i will try to put a public post up as well so it will be in your google readers/bloglines. remember to check the “remember me” box when you log in so you’ll always be logged in when you visit.

test post

i just put a test private post below this one. let me know if you can or cannot see it. i just want to make sure everything is working correctly.