the private side

there are some posts up on the private side of this blog. i think that if you log in once and check the “remember me” box you will stay logged in each time you visit. let me know if that’s not the case.

new format

i’m trying a new format here. instead of having protected posts, i’m playing with levels of privacy on posts. most posts can be seen on the main page by anyone. others can be seen only by those registered and logged in. please include your blog address so i can tell who’s who (in case i can’t tell by your nicknames) and, if i don’t know you, so i can visit your site. the private posts will be invisible on the main page so you’ll have to be logged in to read them. once you’ve logged in, though, you should remain logged in every time you visit my site. make sure you all register and login when you visit so you don’t miss anything!

and the winner is . . .

connie! connie won the contest celebrating the site launch of my new business’s web site, and has won a five-pack of custom, hand-made greeting cards. congratulations!

i’m thinking of doing a scrapbooking-related giveaway next, so stay tuned!

wedding pictures linked

i was browsing around today on technorati and found that this site called wedding day resources linked to my wedding pictures. i don’t know why because the other links seem to be of vendors, but none-the-less, it’s still cool.

palm trees and grapes

i love reading about peoples’ wedding plans. it makes me think back to my own wedding. jen at operation pink herring is one of the recently engaged, and today is her surprise virtual wedding shower. so today, i’m going to tell you all about the *horrible* gifts we received at our wedding.

one of our favorite parts of the wedding planning process was registering for our gifts. we picked four stores to give our guests an option, and when we visited each, joe had a blast running around with the gun we were given to scan everything we wanted.

i checked our registeries until the wedding, hoping that the things i *really* wanted would be marked off as completed.

when our wedding day arrived, we had only received 10-20 things off our registeries. the gifts brought to our wedding didn’t increase that total. in fact, many of them were the most hideous things i had ever seen. two that stand out in my mind were a palm tree platter and a hot plate decorated with grapes and grape leaves. joe’s sister received the palm tree serving spoons for her wedding that match our platter, but *shhhh*. we don’t want her spoons arriving on our doorstep.

i wish i had pictures to show you just how truly awful these gifts were. but, they are buried in our storage room. they may be horrid, but they sure gave us a good laugh, and it’s a fun story to share with brides-to-be!

valentine’s day giveaway

in honor of valentine’s day, is giving away a sweet pea bath and body set. i *love* sweet pea. it’s one of my absolute favorite scents. so, if you’re a bath and body nut like me, go enter! good luck!