new look

what do you all think about my new look? laura designed it for me. i love it. it includes my favorite color, pink, and my favorite hobby, shopping. i think it’s totally perfect for me. 🙂


i changed the password for my protected posts. email me if you would like to have it.


i love blog contests. jody over at iowageek is having a scrapbribe for valentine’s day. the prize includes a bunch of cool valentine’s-themed scrapbooking items, chocolates and a homemade card. i love entering contests like this. so go over and leave a comment and enter it too. make sure you say that i referred you!

fitness geek

joe just started a blog on fitness and being a geek (perfect for a guy!). he’s training for a strength and endurance challenge in savannah in april, so he’s using this as a place to talk about his work outs and training in preparation. go give him some love and welcome him to the blogosphere!

come out, come out, whoever you are

do you guys know what time it is? it’s time for national delurking week. yay! i know that i have a lot of readers, as my stat counters show, but i only hear from my regular bloggy friends (and i love all of you!). so, this is your chance to come out and comment so i can read your blogs.




blog scare

i came home from church today, opened up internet explorer and just about cried when instead of looking at my blog i saw a generic ad site. my blog had disappeared.

two angry emails to my hosting company later, i realized that my renewal fee for my domain was supposed to go through my bank yesterday, the day after my bank card was deactivated because its number was stolen. of course, in the wake of trying to get all that taken care of, i forgot that my old card was set up to pay for my hosting. and no payment = no site.

and so in a matter of hours it was gone. of course, since i am so addicted to blogging and apparently have no other life, my first thought was, “what am i going to do?!” i finally got a hold of them and used joe’s card to get everything up and running again. sigh. i will be so glad when this is all finished.