Baby Week

I am addicted to the shows on Discovery Health during Baby Week. I love watching the births, and get I get teary and imagine the day when our baby will be born. It makes me really want December to roll around quickly!

Another show on this week is called “The Baby Lab”, and it’s about couples going through IVF. I’m really enjoying it because, even though some of these women don’t get their BFP’s, I know what they’re going through. And, it’s neat to see the behind-the-scenes in the lab and be able to watch the embryologists fertilize the eggs by injecting the sperm. It’s neat to see what happened to create our embryos.

I can tell it’s going to be an all baby week at our house!

Medical Mishaps

Next week on Private Practice: Two women who had their transfers on the same day find out the wrong embryos were transferred and they are each pregnant with the other woman’s baby.

Joe said we’re not watching that episode.

Playing by the Rules

One of the shows I record each week is Wife Swap. I find it very interesting to see how people from different backgrounds live together and what the families take from the swap to apply to their lives.

Last night’s episode involved a fast food-loving woman from Missouri who swapped lives with a health nut from San Francisco who, along with her British husband, push their children in school. The Missouri parents, who never attended college, don’t care if their four sons go to college.

The British husband spent the two weeks putting down his new wife, mocking her lack of education and calling her names in front of his two children. When the time for rule change rolled around, he pitched a fit, refused to play by the rules and basically called off the swap. He decided to continue, but told his children to ignore the new mom, forcing her to spend the rest of the swap alone.

People like that really make me mad. Being more educated than someone doesn’t give you the right to hurt their feelings. And, I’m really annoyed with the families who think they’re so perfect that they don’t need to learn anything. They chose to participate in the swap and basically ruined the experience. No one is perfect, and everyone can learn from others. What a cop out.

An “Office” Wrap Party

My boss and I are big fans of “The Office“. We watch it every Thursday night, and on Friday mornings we text lines from the previous night’s episode to each other. It’s a lot of fun.

Last night, though, I got an even better idea. In the opening scene, Dwight walks into the office to see that Jim has wrapped his desk and chair in wrapping paper. I pulled out my cell phone and sent our morning show host a text that said, “We have to wrap Matt’s office.”

And today, that’s what I did. When Matt went to lunch, Joe and I took over his office and wrapped it. It only took us about five minutes, and it was some of the most fun I’ve had in a while.

wrapping matt's office

We did his table, computer monitor, keyboard, mouse and calculator. Matt thought it was hilarious and even asked me if I was going to put the pictures on our station’s fan page on Facebook. I can’t wait to come up with my next “Office” prank!

The Biggest Loser’s First Villain

The Biggest Loser is one of my favorite reality shows. Sure, the product placement is over the top, but it’s got a great purpose and it’s really helping people. And, it’s a much nicer show than some of the other reality programs. There’s never really been a vindictive contestant.

Until this season, that is.

For most of the season, I disliked Heba. Her nothing-can-touch-us attitude really annoyed me. I still don’t like her, but now my disdain is aimed more toward Vicky. I don’t remember anyone as horrible as her since Omarosa on The Apprentice. When I saw this story on Yahoo! today I had to laugh. Apparently, someone else feels the same way as me. I don’t know how she can watch this show and hold her head up high. She calls herself a role model, and that disgusts me. She’s just a mean person. I understand she was upset when her husband was eliminated, but turning around and putting revenge signs on other peoples’ doors was over the line in my opinion.

Every Tuesday I hope that it will be Vicky’s night to go home. Unfortunately, though, I think she just might make it to the finals. If she ends up being The Biggest Loser I may not be able to watch anymore. Does anyone share the same feeling?

Willing to Work?

I’ve really been a little surprised by this season’s contestants on The Biggest Loser. Sure, some of them are motivated and really want to lose the weight, but a higher number seem to be more complacent. For instance, on last night’s episode, Jillian said in an interview that the contestants have “homework”, which is time in the gym when their trainers aren’t there. When she walked into the gym one morning and asked her team if they had done their “homework”, they all said, “No.” One woman even got kicked out of the gym after she smirked while Jillian was yelling at them.

It’s like Jillian said: This season’s contestants want to see the results without doing the work. Last season’s winner, Ali, couldn’t be kept out of the gym. She was constantly in there working out, which is why she won. In an earlier episode when the contestants went to the Grand Canyon for a couple of days, they returned to the ranch and told their trainers they “did some walking” but that was it. The pile of equipment that had been brought to them basically went untouched.

And on last night’s episode, mother/daughter teammates Shellay and Amy redeemed their prize of 24 hours with their trainer but Shellay pretty much balked at anything Jillian told her to do at the gym. She refused to walk on the treadmill without putting her hands on the bars, and then basically refused to do the strength exercises.
It’s like they’ve forgotten the thousands of people they beat out to get on the show, the thousands of people who, if given the chance, probably would put forth 10 times as much effort as the selected contestants.

I’m ready to see them all go home. There’s no one this season who I really think deserves to win.