joe and i were scanning upcoming shows on the tv guide channel last night when i noticed the andy milonakis was about to come on mtv. i’ve seen buttons asking for the removal of this show, so i figured i’d check it out.

it was bad. very, very bad. after about five minutes joe told me he would get up and change the channel on the tv if i didn’t turn it to something else. i suppose he thinks he’s funny, but i didn’t even have the urge to smile, much less chuckle or laugh. it’s absurd. i would like to know how he even got his own show.

so go watch those videos and then go here. that made me laugh.


well it’s that time again. katy’s self portrait friday. this week’s theme is how we relax and watch tv. every evening i sit on my comfy couch in the living room and play with and pet the cats. this is me petting julius.


this exchange took place yesterday when i was trying to cheer joe up after a long, exhausting day.

me: i’ll have the (braves) game on when you get here so you can watch it.
joe: only if we change it at 9 p.m. to big brother.

i don’t think i know any other guy who would say that! this is just one of the many reasons why i love my boyfriend!

my unique dvd

i won the first season dvd of the gilmore girls on ebay. i was excited, getting it for $31.99 as opposed to the $45 it is in stores.

today i picked it up from the post office. it’s in english…and asian.


i called joe. i knew my wonderful boyfriend would be supportive.

me: it’s written in english and asian!

joe: *insert extreme laughter here*

me: this is not funny!

joe: i’m not laughing at you. i’m laughing…at you.

joe: *insert more laughter*

me: *sighs* hopefully the audio is in english

joe: if not maybe i’ll have subtitles! *more laughter*

sigh. boys.

my new favorite show

so i’ve just started watching sex and the city. i rented the first season, and i’ve been glued to it. it’s great! a new show for my favorites list now.

summery weekend

i had a fantastic weekend. on saturday, joe and i went to my parents’ house and had lunch with the family and visited with them, one of my brothers and my grandparents. that night we went to dinner at the dalton depot, my favorite restaurant in dalton, and then to see wedding crashers. that movie was absolutely hilarious. you all must go see it. now.

yesterday, we spent the afternoon at the pool at joe’s apartment complex. i laid out for a while, and then we played around and swam for a couple hours. we had fun and got quite a bit of exercise in, which is good. later that night, i discovered i got burned on my shoulders and back. and when i say burned, i mean really burned. i guess when my medicine says “avoid direct contact with sunlight” it means it. i figured maybe it would stop making me burn so bad. this morning when joe woke me up at 6:15 (yes, 6:15, now wasn’t that just so nice of him), he said, “cady? cady? where are you? oh, there you are. you’re like a chameleon against the sheets, but i can see your teeth.” yeah. i didn’t find that so humorous.

last night we were watching extreme makeover: home edition (i just love that show because they do such a good thing for good, deserving people) and the family included two deaf parents, a blind and autistic son, and a normal son. i was amazed at their story and how much the older son has to do since he’s the only one who can see and hear. the whole show was so sweet i cried. and it prompted the question, which i asked joe: which would you rather be, deaf or blind. he immediately answered blind, and i asked him why. he said, “because then i wouldn’t be able to see how beautiful you are.” that made me cry again because it was so sweet. and i’m not allowed to go any further, so we’ll just end it here. 😉