gotta love lifetime

last night joe actually told me to change the channel from the braves game he was watching to the lifetime movie. just had to get that on the record.

i hate pettiness

i am PISSED OFF. last night the koror tribe voted stephenie off survivor. she only outwitted, outplayed and outlasted eight other people to be the last woman standing from the ulong tribe. she actually worked, unlike others like, hmmm, jenn. i think tom had a good point last night when he told the tribe that no one who is strong and smart and, in my opinion, is a true survivor has ever won the game. seriously. that pisses me off. then you have people like amber and jenna who win…but i digress. i apologize to anyone who was a fan of amber and jenna. i’m just whining. it’s my blog and i can whine if i want to!! 🙂

my favorite talk show

it’s almost time for maury. i never miss a day. today: “i love you baby. but . . . i cheated on you with your brother . . . and our baby might not be yours.” ah, the never-ending paternity tests. for some reason i’m glued to these shows. i don’t know why. what amazes me, though, is that the men swear they’re going to leave their cheating women but they never do. if i was cheated on, there wouldn’t be a second thought. it’s like they always say: once a cheater, always a cheater.