friday favorites

  • the wii. i’m still addicted to mario kart and guitar hero III. joe has added mario galaxy to his stack of favorite games. we’re going to have a blast at the cabin with the wii this weekend.
  • my new red shoes! they are the first pair of shoes that are not white, black or brown. i *love*them, and it’s nice to get some color in my usual black/gray outfits. plus, they’re super cute and really comfy. i want to get them in brown now too. i need another good pair of brown pumps.
  • army wives. i *love* this show, and i’m rewatching the first season in anticipation of season 2, which starts a week from sunday. i can’t wait!
  • satc: the movie. it comes out tonight! we’re going sunday since we’ll be at the cabin this weekend, and i am so excited! i have been counting down to this since the movie was announced.
  • having lunch with my husband. i love the fact that he works in town now. there’s nothing better than seeing him for lunch or just a quick visit during the day.
  • so what are your favorite things today?

    getting lost

    wow. what a finale. i’m left with so many questions. i can’t wait until next season. before i started watching lost, i thought it was a dumb show, and i told joe there was no way i could watch it. now i’m hooked. did any of you watch it this season? what did you think?

    quotes of the week

    as heard on the “jerry springer show”. where else would you hear things like this.

    a woman came on the show to tell her sister and her boyfriend that she is a prostitute.

    woman: “my sister badmouths me all the time to my family. she thinks she’s all that because she works at walmart. she has a big house. i don’t.”

    jerry: “how big of a house could it be? she works at walmart.”


    woman: “i’m addicted to drugs. they’re my scapegoat.”


    woman: “i love my drugs, and i love my kids.”

    jerry: “you have to choose.”

    woman: “ok, both.”

    living to 150

    i have never watched a barbara walters special, simply because i haven’t been around the tv when they’re on, but her topics are always interesting. in show airing tomorrow night at 10 p.m. on abc titled “living to 150”, walters is going to be interviewing dr. david sinclair about his company’s resveratrol formulation. according to revgenetics’ web site, u.s. lab tested resveratrol is becoming known in the medical community for potentially being able to help battle cancer, viral infections, the effects of diabetes and age-related illnesses like alzheimers and arthritis. one of its ingredients is what they call the “good stuff” in red wine, and tests on obese mice resulted in an increased life span without most of the side effects of high calorie diets.

    i’m always wary of new products because i like to have reviews from people who have used them before, but this show is one i will either watch or record on my dvr. i’m interested in new ways to combat arthritis and, really, who wouldn’t want to live longer? another subject walters is going to discuss is the apprehension of living longer and questions people may have like “will i be able to drive?” she’s going to be talking to citizens who are at least 100 years old, which will make the advice even better. i don’t know if i would live to 150, but i’d like to live until at least 100. what about you? would you want to live to 150? if not, what age would you like to live to?


    tonight’s episode was awesome. each episode just gets better and better. i don’t know how we’ll make it another month! btw, did any of you know aaron was one of the oceanic 6? i kept telling joe and my parents that he was, but no one believed me.

    army wives

    i’ve been watching the first season of army wives on my ipod. i didn’t know what to expect at first, and i didn’t know if i would like it, but i’ve really gotten into it. i have just four episodes left, and now i can’t wait for the second season to start. i really don’t know how realistic it is, since i’ve never been an army wife or the child of a soldier, but i’ve read that they did research and talked to real army wives for it, so i hope it’s close. do any of you watch it? if so, what do you think?