at least she’s pretty…

kellie pickler was on “are you smarter than a fifth grader” tonight. it was probably one of the funniest things i’ve seen in a while. she had pretty easy questions.

what family does the piccolo belong to?
a. woodwind
b. strings
c. percussion

her answer: well, piccolo and percussion both begin with p, so that’s what i think it is.

answer: woodwind


budapest is the capitol of what country?

her answer: this may sound stupid, but i thought europe was a country. they speak french in budapest, right? so, i’m going to say france.

answer: hungary

i hate to say it, but at least she’s pretty and can sing. 🙂

tv on the brain

i know my husband watches “the office” too much when …

he keeps calling my sister pam because her husband’s name is jim.

joe keeps asking me what my sister’s name is because he associates the name jim with the name pam. her name is lisa. ha!

the weekend

i am so excited about this weekend. it’s the first one in a long time when we haven’t had something to do or somewhere to be. it’s going to be so, so nice.

tomorrow, we’ll go to my church and then relax. tomorrow night we’ll make an appearance at a co-worker’s christmas party, and then we’re going to see the mist. i am so excited about that. honestly, we haven’t seen a movie since the spring. we’ve just been so busy we didn’t have time, which sucked because there were so many movies that came out this summer that we wanted to see. at least now they’re all coming out on dvd.

on sunday, we’re going to bagelicious for breakfast (yum!) and then to fresh market to use a gift card dave’s parents gave us for hannukah. fresh market is one of the things i miss about living in chattanooga. it is one of my favorite stores. then, we’re going to hit the mall so i can use some discount cards i got in the mail at bath and body works, and exchange a shirt at old navy for the softest.slippers.ever. i think that’s what i’m the most excited about!

then, joe’s parents are stopping by sometime sunday afternoon to visit on their way home from the cabin. that and the survivor finale are the only other things we have planned.

i am definitely ready for the weekend to start.


i am a big fan of the bachelor. i’ll admit it, though i know i will be mocked. i especially love the last show where the bachelor picks the girl he wants to be with for the rest of his life, which usually amounts to a couple of months.

so last night i was all ready for my happy, feel good moment. it never came. he didn’t pick either girl. granted, he realized it’s ridiculous to think you can fall in love with someone after a month or two of group dating, but dammit i wanted my happy moment!

ok. i’m done now.

on driving

joe and i love the amazing race. it’s one of the few reality shows i watch that he really enjoys. this season, as with last, there is a team of ditzy blonde girls. i ended up liking last year’s blondes, but this year’s team just seems pathetically dumb. here are some quotes from last night:

on the amazing race:
“clearly i haven’t had a facial or a manicure, but it’s even tougher than you can even imagine.”

on driving:
“well, my brights aren’t staying on, so i have to hold them with one hand for the entire way — unless i’m just an idiot?”

i have nothing to say to that.

“24” pilot from 1994

this is hilarious.