fall tv

other people have posted their fall tv schedules, so i thought i’d share mine for those of you who are dying to know what joe and i watch in the evenings (and i know all of you are desperately wanting to know). so, without further ado, this is what will be on our dvr:

king of the hill
desperate housewives

the bachelor

the biggest loser

gossip girl
private practice
pushing daisies

ugly betty
grey’s anatomy
the office
my name is earl

returning mid-season are:
notes from the underbelly
october road

wow. from this you’d think we’re tv addicts or something. 🙂

husband/father of the year

from wifeswap involving a diva family and a redneck family.

diva mom: so do you ever take your wife out for dinner?
redneck dad: yea, but no where fancy. i take her to the truck stop.

diva mom: your kids break the law!
redneck dad: yea, i’m hoping they’ll grow out of that.

fox news and paris hilton

joe called me yesterday from the car dealership to tell me about breaking news on fox news.

“their helicopter is following a police car taking paris hilton to court.”

this is why i don’t watch fox news.

tv has returned

i have been so excited about this week. not only are we closing on our house, but my favorite television shows are finally showing new episodes. it has been at least a month (more in some cases) since a new episode of gilmore girls, ugly betty and grey’s anatomy have aired. last week, the office and my name is earl were back after about a month-long hiatus of their own.

i am so, so sick of reruns. after a long day at work, i like to go home and unwind by curling up with joe on the couch and watching some tv. however, there has been no tv to watch lately. i don’t understand why networks have to take such long breaks with shows. i get bored with reruns *very* quickly. i hate watching repeat episodes from the current season. they’re too fresh. i’d rather they be from past seasons.

but i digress. as least baseball has been on. that was slightly helpful. tonight, i have a date with gilmore girls and house. if my meeting lasts too long, it’ll just be a later-than-normal date. oh, and joe can hang out with us too, if he wants. 🙂

let’s go thrashers!

it’s all about hockey in my home tonight. it’s the first time in the team’s history making the playoffs. joe’s been talking about it all day, and i know his friends are as much glued to their televisions right now as he is. he’s already worrying about what he’ll do if it goes to games 5 and 6 next friday and sunday, as we won’t be getting directtv hooked up until monday. poor, poor boy.

it’ll be fun to watch. hockey’s a pretty fun sport. but, i’m sure in 30 minutes i’ll wander into another room to watch survivor. joe’s not too into that show anyway, so he won’t miss anything.

speaking of tv, notes from the underbelly starts tonight. i’m interested to see how it is. the commercials look funny, but you never can tell.

take me out to the baaaaaaaallgame

that’s right folks, it is the happiest time of the year — baseball season! i am so excited. joe and i have been waiting for april since last fall. i’m glad i married someone as big into baseball as i (and i’m sure he feels the same way). since joe is now following the royals, we are getting the baseball package when we move. we were hoping our cable company carried it, but it is exclusively for directtv. i’m glad, though, because we are dropping comcast for directtv. yay. we’ll be getting more than double the channels we are now for about the same price, plus free dvrs in two rooms.

now, it’s time to check how my fantasy baseball teams are doing!