best commercial ever

watch this commercial. it is so freakin funny. joe and i crack up every time it’s on tv.


i was watching an old episode of family feud today on the game show network. this was during the bonus round.

host: “name a vegetable that’s fried in batter”
contestant: “fish!”

surprisinly enough, that garnered a zero. hehe. i laughed. hard.

christmas memories

tomorrow night i have a date with abc family.

why, you might ask? “a very brady christmas” is on.

that movie has very special memories for me. i have a sister who is 10 years older than me. she’s always lived in north carolina, so when i was younger i’d only see her a couple times a year, but she always came during the holidays. she and her boyfriend, now her husband, would drive to maryland to stay with us for a few days. i’d give up my room to jim, and lisa and i would take the downstairs family room. every year we’d get in under the covers on the pull-out couch bed and watch “a very brady christmas” together. i can’t even rememeber how many years we had that tradition. it was so nice to spend quality time alone with my sister.

so now every year i watch “a very brady christmas” and think back to the christmases i shared it with my sister. maybe joe and i will spend christmas with them one year, and lisa and i will watch it together again.


i was watching family fued and the question was “name a famous barbara”. the team that got control of the board got three strikes, so the other family was picking an answer to steal the points.

“i’m going to go with our first presidents wife, barbara washington.”

host richard karns just stood there for a minute.

“i think martha may have a problem with that. she probably didn’t know george was cheating on her with barbara. if that’s there i’ll give you $20,000.”

needless to say it wasn’t there.

counting my blessings

i’m sitting here watching women on the maury show shaking and crying because their husbands abuse them, both mentally and physically.

one woman says she’s not allowed to look men in the eye. another says she’s not allowed to use the phone without her husband’s permission. and yet another says her husband picks out all her clothes and she hasn’t worn a skirt in years.

and the men? i think the statement that stood out to me the most was, “women who don’t obey their men deserve to burn in hell.”

excuse me? i’m still reeling from that one. watching shows like this makes me wonder how many women are living like that. it makes me angry to hear men talk like that and treat women like their property and not human beings. and while i sit here and say, “why don’t they just leave! why do they let them treat them like that?” i try to think how i would act in that situation. it would be so hard to leave.

i’m so glad i’m in a relationship where we treat each other as equals. we say “i love you” all the time, and joe tells me every day how sexy i am, not that i need to lose weight like some of the men on this show do. i’m very lucky. i need to remember that more often.

funny quote

this is probably my favorite quote from gilmore girls. it’s from the episode where lorelei flashes back to her relationship with christopher, when they found out she was pregnant, and when she went into labor with rory. picture a teenager being wheeled to the delivery room as her parents show up and start yelling.