“24” pilot from 1994

this is hilarious.

the rest of valentine’s day and the weekend

to recap the rest of valentine’s day…

we went to dinner at provinos, and then hit baskin robbins for dessert. i have only been to baskin robbins a few times since we moved from maryland 12 years ago. there just aren’t as many stores in this area!

at dinner, joe gave me a letter he had written, describing what he loves about me and how he sees our future. it was so, so sweet and was definitely my favorite present.

when we got home, joe had a dozen roses for me, and then we cuddled in bed and watched 24. it was a perfect day.

tonight, we’re heading to south carolina to visit joe’s grandmother. it’s a long drive, but we always have a lot of fun. it’s nice to visit nana, since we don’t see her too often. and, my diet must go out the window because nana always cooks a *lot* and sends us back with enough leftovers for a couple of weeks. you just have to love grandmothers!

24 bingo

i will be posting about last night’s episode of 24, which i think i will do every tuesday. for now, though, all you 24 fans must check out this site. it’s awesome. joe and i are definitely going to be doing this next monday night!


i am never disappointed by this show. last night’s part of the season premiere was no exception. i can already tell this is going to be an awesome season. i thought it was hilarious how the president didn’t trust jack when he said the man they were going after wasn’t the terrorist. as we discussed here, when in six seasons has jack *ever* been wrong??

i am really looking forward to tonight’s episode. i hope we get out of kiwanis in time! i know a couple of you watch it, but if any of the rest of you did, let me know what you thought!