Things that go Barf in the Night!

So. The other night. It was around 2:30 a.m., and I reached down in my sleep to pull our comforter up. And, felt something wet.

My first thought? Did Lucy come in here and throw up??

I know. I know. It made no sense. But, I was half asleep. We tossed the comforter off to deal with it in the morning, and that was that.

Until a little bit later when I rolled over. Into throw up. Yes, THROW UP. As in all over my arm. Apparently, JOE’S cat threw up (as he does pretty regularly) and decided to do so IN OUR BED.

Are you laughing yet? It is pretty funny when, you know, you’re not going through it.

So, we got up and changed the sheets. At 2:30 a.m. I resisted the urge to shower since I had gotten THROW UP all over my arm and just scrubbed it REALLY well in the sink. And then, we were finally back to bed.

The next day, I didn’t see Dizzy at all. Until nap time, that is, when he laid on top of me. Really??

Little Sponges

Being that Lucy is a toddler, we are constantly disciplining her (or so it seems). Don’t climb over the arm of the couch. Don’t jump off of the couch. You get my drift.

Today, while I was doing some work in the living room, I heard her in the kitchen laying down the law to Callie, our cat. It went a little something like this:

“Callie, GET DOWN RIGHT NOW! Callie, DOWN! Don’t make me count. 1…2…3…GET DOWN RIGHT NOW!”

And, I laughed. Because toddlers are awesome.

Wordless Wednesday: A Girl and her Cat


A Good Vet Report

Today, I took AJ to the doctor. The right side of his lip had been distorted for a while, and we had noticed his nose had started to swell. I was sure it was probably nothing serious, but all I could think about was when we had to put my sweet cat Julius to sleep four years ago (side note: how has it already been four years?? I still get sad when I think about him.). Now, I know Julius had cancer, but I couldn’t keep from thinking that maybe there was some sort of serious respiratory issue going on with AJ and I would be told we needed to put him to sleep.

photo (14)

Needless to say, I was VERY nervous when we went in this morning. I stepped out of our exam room to use the restroom, and when I returned only two minutes later, the vet was in there with a tech and he told me he had already diagnosed AJ. He has fever blisters on the roof of his mouth (ouch!), which the vet said likely is making it very painful for him to eat, and he has an ulcer under his lip. Poor guy!

photo (13)

I was about to breathe a sigh of relief when I was told that I really should consider having him tested for feline leukemia/FIV. With his symptoms, they said there was a 50/50 chance he had one of those diseases.

That would be about the time I REALLY started to freak out. In case you don’t recall, when we found Sasha, she was diagnosed with feline leukemia, and we were told we had to put her down. You guys, I was my eyes were starting to fill with tears. I seriously could not go through this again.

They took AJ back to draw his blood and do the leukemia/FIV test. It would take five minutes to get the results. That was the longest five minutes of my life. Seriously. This cat has become my new buddy since Julius died; not that he wasn’t before, but it’s as if he stepped up to take on Julius’ role. Julius used to sleep on my pillow at night. Now, AJ does that. All I kept thinking was that I cannot lose this cat.

While we waited, the vet gave AJ a steroid shot and an antibiotic shot. He gave me AJ’s medicine and told me how to administer it. I tried to listen, but my mind was focused solely on that test.

And then, he brought it out. Negative. Then, I wanted to cry out of pure happiness. While I was checking out, the tech came out and told me that after the sixth minute, which is the full length of the test, it was completely, positively negative.

It looks like my little buddy will be around for a long time to come. At least he better be. I seriously cannot imagine life without him.

Wordless Wednesday: Snuggles

dizzy snuggles

Our New Cat

We have a new cat. At least, we sort of do.

This cat started showing up at our house about a week ago. He is skin and bones and, since he is the spitting image of my cat who ran away and never returned when my family first moved to Tennessee in 1994, I obviously wanted to keep him. However, my husband is the voice of reason, and he reminded me that we really cannot have four cats, two adults and one crazy bebe in our house right now.

So, Pumpkin II, as I have named him in honor of my missing cat, is now our outdoor cat. He shows up just about every day, and we put out food for him. I am just assuming the cat is a male, but I digress. He’s super sweet and not skittish at all. He comes right up to me, though I’m a little nervous to touch him since I don’t know his background or what diseases, if any, he has.

I don’t know how long this guy will stick around, but if he’s still here when we buy a bigger house, we’ll probably be taking him with us. 🙂