A Girl and her Cat


They say that every little boy has to have a dog.

Well, this little girl has to have her cat.

Lucy and Callie are BFFs. Lucy *loves* to pet Callie (and she does a good job being gentle most of the time), and Callie is a really good sport and lets Lucy grab her fur. Many times, she’ll walk over to Lucy and nuzzle her head against Lucy’s hand.

Callie even hijacked Lucy’s 4 month photo shoot, since Callie loves being the center of attention and all, and Lucy was just enthralled by her. It made for some ridiculously cute pictures.






And, the other night while I was holding Lucy, Callie wanted to cuddle with her, too (please disregard how awful I look).

callie and lucy cuddling

So, Callie definitely is Lucy’s cat, which is great because now we have someone to blame all the bad things Callie does on.

Every little girl needs a cat.

The Best Part of a Gift …

… is the box.

We received a baby gift in the mail from one of my friends the other day, and Callie was just beside herself with excitement over the box. I think she thought it was her birthday and Christmas all rolled into one day. She jumped in, and we couldn’t get her out. She even wanted to eat breakfast in it. She didn’t, however, appreciate it when her brothers got in with her. I guess she doesn’t like to share.

callie in box 3

callie in box 2

Seriously. She’s adorable.

Cat Scares

We thought we had two sick cats on our hands last night. It all started when Dizzy ate a whole tomato slice off the pizza we had ordered. Dizzy is dumb and eats or drinks pretty much anything, including beer. I didn’t really think too much about it, but Joe wanted to look it up online. What did we find? That tomatos in all forms are toxic for cats.

Insert freakout here. We called the vet’s after hours number, and the person who answered said that he would be fine, so that calmed us down a bit. Joe said she sounded like she got that question a lot.

Then, we gave the cats their flea treatments. I think Callie squirmed a bit while Joe was squirting it on her, and some of it dripped down her side. She must have licked some because all of a sudden she started tearing around the house shaking her face. It took forever to catch her, and when we did we saw that she was foaming at the mouth.

Insert second freakout here. We put her in the bathroom with some water and food, and eventually she calmed down seemed to be fine. We kept an eye on her, and today she is back to her normal self.

I’m glad they ended up being fine. And that we didn’t have to make a late night trip to the emergency vet!

Cute Cat Stories

These cat stories and pictures are going to become slightly fewer once Smudge is born! Something tells me the cats won’t mind too much. 😉

Cute cat story #1: Callie tends to go to the bathroom outside the litter box. At least it makes it a little less like Julius is gone. Well, the went to the bathroom on the floor either last night or this morning and, since she knows it really irritates Joe, she knocked a baby bodysuit off the kitchen table to try to cover it up. She missed, but she’s pretty darn smart. And the bodysuit got tossed right into the wash. 🙂

Cute cat story #2: AJ is petrified of the vacuum cleaner. Just the sight of it outside the closet makes him run for cover under our bed. So, after Joe used it the other night, what did he do? He left it right in between the food bowls and the litter box.


I told Joe he has to clean up after AJ goes to the bathroom on the carpet. 🙂

“I Love you Thiiiiiiiiiiiis Much”


Seriously, does it get any cuter than this?? Callie constantly cracks me up with her awesome personality. She’s such a cutie. I told Joe that I really don’t know how the baby will even come close to Callie’s cuteness. Of course, I know it will, but it’ll be tough. 🙂

Callie and her Bear

Joe woke up Sunday morning and found Callie’s small bear cuddled up between us. During the night, Callie had grabbed it, jumped up on the bed with it and put it in between us. She’s seriously the cutest cat ever.