i’ve returned with one unhappy kitty

i just got back from taking julius to the vet. they think he may have a virul infection, so he got a shot today, he’ll get one tomorrow and they want to check him again monday. if he’s not better by then (i.e. he can breathe, doesn’t sneeze and has a voice again) they said they’ll have to try something else.

julius didn’t take to the vet’s office too well. when the nurse pulled him out to take his temperature, he gave me a look as if to say, you didn’t say we were coming HERE. he ran back into his cat carrier (usually i have to push him in it) after his temp was taken (really can’t blame him for this one) and was straining to see out the window through the holes in the side. i tried to pull him out so he could actually look out the window, but he firmly planted his four legs against the sides. he wasn’t going anywhere.

when the doctor came in, julius ran under my chair and eyed the door, trying to quickly concoct his escape plan, so the doctor calls him “the cat who wants to travel to atlanta.” oh my poor boy…thermometer, claws clipped and a shot. no wonder he’s so mad at me now.

darn cat

i was about to take the cutest picture of julius all sprawled out on his back on my bed with his little legs up in the air, but alas, he heard the camera and woke up and ruined it. sigh. so no cute kitty picture of him to share right now. but you know, he sounds really congested when he breathes through his nose. he’s been like this for a while and i don’t know if it’s allergies or if i should be worried about it. any thoughts?

aj the thief

yes, aj has a new name. this morning when i woke up i saw my new capris slowly sliding out the door. aj, who had the strings in his mouth, was pulling them out of the room. then, when i got up to go feed the rascals i found my cell phone, charger attached, in the hallway. i’m scared to see what he tries to take next.

aj the traveler

my aj is becoming quite the traveler. he’s decided he likes being an outdoor kitty. this epiphany came after his last jaunt into the great outdoors. he likes rolling in the dirt, chasing rocks and birds, and romping through the bushes in the back. sounds like anyone’s ideal day, huh? but after a hard day of playing it up yesterday, he was tuckered out. nothing could wake up my little guy.

so desperate for friends

everytime someone knocks on the door, aj bounds down the stairs and just sits in front of the door, looking at me expectantly as if to say, “come on mom. open the door! my friend’s here!” poor guy. he doesn’t seem to realize, he has no friends…except for me, joe and julius that is. he tried to make a friend the other night. i let him out in the back and he saw a cat from a house back there. he ran over to him. “friend!” the other cat just glared at him and tried to attack him. but it’ll take more than that to get to aj.


i don’t think i’ve ever heard the house this quiet. the boys are such angels when they’re sleeping and such hellions when they’re awake.