a tale of two cats

handyman will came today to fix my air conditioning yet again. maybe the third time’s a charm. aj was his typical friendly self, following will around like he was trying to help him. then he climbed up will’s leg onto his back as if will was a tree. really, i do teach my cats more manners than that! i swear aj only does that to people who feed him and buy him toys and play with him and cuddle him…basically anyone who takes care of him gets the honor of his claws digging in them as he climbs up their bodies.

julius is more wary of calling anyone and everyone a friend. he would walk over to will and sniff him, walk back to me, walk back and sniff will, walk over to me. then he looked at me as if to say, i really don’t know about him, mom.

oh how different my boys are.

the differences between men and women

the conversations joe and i have with our cats when leaving our tvs on for them before we leave:
joe to dizzy: do you want to watch mtv, vh1 or tech tv?

me to my boys: lifetime or oxygen?

and, just for the record, aj is curled up on my bed right now watching the nanny on lifetime. 🙂

the water’s going to get you!

i was in the shower this morning when i heard someone push the door open. i pushed the shower curtain back and looked out to see aj sitting on the rug looking at me with wide eyes. it was as if he was saying, “run! get out! the water’s going to get you!” when i got out of the shower aj was gone. guess he didn’t want the water to get him.

meet the diz

dizzy is joe’s cat. he’s four and he’s got more energy than both my cats combined. he’s into everything . . . knocks drinks off the counter, tries to climb up the wall . . . there’s nothing we don’t put past him. dizzy’s favorite pasttime is playing in the toilet. yep. you just jiggle the handle and he comes running and looks up at you as if he’s thinking, “did i miss it? did i miss it?” when you flush the toilet, diz first looks over the edge and then jumps on the seat and looks at the water, sticking his hand in to play with it. after playing, he’ll jump up on us with his arms wet up to the elbow. we also tend to forget how wet the toilet seat gets from his antics. but he sure is cute.

loving the open windows

well, after taking stacey’s suggestion (which i should have been smart enough to think of on my own!), i opened up the windows in my office and bedroom to alleviate some of the intense heat in the house. the boys love open windows because they can hear everything outside. julius had no problem jumping up on the windowsill. aj tried to join him, but julius quickly put a stop to that!

btw…i now have air. yay!

under the knife

that’s where aj will be momentarily. yep. the boy is getting his manhood taken away today. it’s about time. he’s been quite rambunctuous lately. i’ve been trying to prepare him by telling him what’s going to happen but it’s like he’s been in denial. i think yesterday it sunk in. or maybe it was when julius made chopping motions with his paw. hehe. well you never know…he could have done that. 🙂 so when joe gets up here this afternoon we’re going to go pick up a very doozy kitty.