Weekly Winners — 04/05/09-04/11/09

Go Braves!
opening day

opening day

Nothing Beats Opening Day Baseball
opening day

(The following were taken with my cell phone, hence the bad quality.)

Have I Gained Weight?
callie scale

Cuddling Under the Covers
callie sleeping

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Weekly Winners — 03/08/09-03/14/09

“Boy, are my muscles sore!”
aj heating pad

aj heating pad

How do you put this hat on again?


By the Light of the Moon

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Destroyer of Shower Curtains, Dragger of Grocery Bags

I must have forgotten what’s like to have a kitten around the house. Either that, or Julius and AJ were angels when they were younger. I can’t even tell you how many shower curtain liners we’ve gone through since we got Callie. She’ll go in, jump up on the side of the tub, grab a hold of the liner and pull off a chunk. It’s crazy. And yet, we repeatedly forget to shut the bathroom door when we shower, giving her access to claim a new victim. I’m just glad we have the liners. I wouldn’t want to be replacing my fabric shower curtains this often.

And, yesterday, she managed to get the handle of a plastic grocery bag around her belly and was tearing up and down the hall, dragging it behind her. I thought she was chasing AJ at first, but then discovered she was just running on her own. I’d hear the thunder of her footsteps and then the loud rustling of the plastic bag. I have to say, it was hilarious.

What are some of your funny pet stories?

Weekly Winners — 03/01/09-03/07/09

Hiding under the bed.
callie under the bed

callie under the bed

Plastic bags are good for sleeping and hiding.
bag callie

bag callie

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Weekly Winners — 02/22/09-02/28/09

Forgotten bear
forgotten bear bw

The needles lead to our baby…
needle bw

Kitty closeups


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And the Cutest Cat Ever Award Goes to … Callie!

Last night, I woke up and, as I usually do, I checked to see which cats were on the bed with us. I started at the bottom with AJ. I reached over to the next lump, but instead of a warm, furry body I felt one that was stuffed.

It was one of my teddy bears. Callie has taken to this bear and drags it all over the house even though it probably weighs as much as she does. She had come in after we had fallen asleep, dragging “her” bear with her and brought it up on the bed. And, when I touched the cat on the other side of the bear, I got a squawk from Callie. Then, she rolled over, put her arms around Dizzy’s neck, buried her face against him and went back to sleep.

Seriously, she is the cutest.cat.ever. AJ and Dizzy should just give up trying now.