Weekly Winners — 02/08/09-02/14/09

Squirrel Watch ’09
squirrel watch

squirrel watch

An indoor forest.
indoor forest

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Weekly Winners — 02/01/09-02/07/09

Checking out what’s going on outside.
looking outside

Keeping an eye on dinner.
watching dinner

Bath time.
bath time

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AJ: Now with Robo Toes

Ever since Julius died, AJ has taken over the role of destroyer of the door frames in our house. Every morning around 5, we hear him scratching away, and Joe ends up having to throw things at him.

So, to salvage our door frames and extend AJ’s life, we bought him some Soft Paws over the weekend. We had talked about having them put on Julius, but we would have had to have had the vet do it. There’s no way we would have been able to put them on ourselves. However, we figured we’d be able to put them on AJ pretty easily.

AJ was unhappy, but was pretty good throughout the process. Joe clipped his nails pretty easily, and then popped on the nail caps. AJ started to get restless toward the end, but we got the job done.

aj softpaws

aj softpaws

I was a little hesitant at first because AJ periodically goes outside, but I figured it wouldn’t be too big of an issue since he rarely goes out and, when he does, we watch him. I thought he was going to try to pull them off at first, but he seems to be getting used to them. Joe calls them AJ’s Robo Toes. I don’t think AJ likes that too much.

When we awoke early Sunday morning, we heard the clicking of plastic claws hitting the wood, similar to the sound of fingernails being drummed on a counter. It was music to my ears.

Weekly Winners — 01/25/09-01/31/09

Brotherly Love
diz and aj

diz and aj

“Whadja buy me??”
callie groceries 3

callie groceries 2

Retro Popcorn Popper
popcorn 7

Fluffy Popcorn
popcorn 13


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Weekly Winners — 11/18/09-11/24/09

Please let me in!

One Little Droplet

A New Place to Cuddle
dizzy and callie

TV Time
callie tv

Cheery Flowers

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Warning: Super Cute Cat Pictures Ahead

Callie is attached to Dizzy. She follows him everywhere, and she cuddles up to him every day to sleep. It’s rare to find the two of them apart, much to Dizzy’s dismay, I’m sure. Yesterday, though, took the cake. I saw this:

dizzy and callie

dizzy and callie

Yes, they are snuggled together in a gift bag of all places! I called Joe to tell him, and he made me send pictures as proof. He didn’t believe me. 🙂

I sometimes wonder if AJ feels leftout, but I think he’s mainly relieved not to have Callie attached to his side.