couldn’t have a better day

today was a fabulous day. joe and i went to my parents’ house for lunch, and then we went with them to look at the courthouse where we plan to have our wedding. on our way back to cartersville we met up with john and stacey to talk for a little bit and picked up a wedding planner, journal and wedding scrapbook.

when we got back to cartersville, we went straight to target to do our wedding registry. of course, we couldn’t leave without buying *something*, being three candlesticks and candles for our mantel, sex and the city season 5 and an 80s compilation cd. after target we hit up applebees for dinner.

but the best part of the day? when we got home i popped one of the 80s cds in the cd player to hear “eternal flame” by the bangles (absolutely love that song!). joe came into the living room, turned off the light, restarted the song and pulled me up off the couch to dance with him. “this is our first dance as an engaged couple,” he said. “is it bad that i don’t want this to end?” i started to cry (yes, yes, you can call me a dork!). i didn’t want it to end either.

happy new year!

i can’t believe it’s already 2006. we had a fabulous new year’s eve here in georgia. the night started off with a group of our friends gathering at our place for pizza, and then after about an hour of eating, chatting and watching the cats chase the light of a laser pointer, we headed to the irish pub here in town. we love it. it’s got such a cool ambiance.

we got fun party hats.

my friend stacey came down with jon for the night. it was so much fun for the four of us to hang out again. we don’t get to do it often enough.

tim, one of joe’s friends from high school, came up with his fiancee, mindy. they’re great, but since they live an hour away we don’t see them very much.

joe’s friends brandon, jon and patrick from the local paper were there too, and patrick brought his girlfriend, so we had quite the group. this year we were actually able to all have seats. last year it was so packed i had to sit on joe’s lap and a couple people in our group had to stand. at midnight we all watched the ball and peach drop in new york and atlanta on tv and toasted the new year with some pretty nasty champagne. it was a great night.

but the highlight? brandon, joe, patrick, tim and jon singing “we didn’t start the fire” by billy joel during karaoke at the pub. enough said. 🙂

the clock is ticking

we’re having a new year’s eve party.

we had one last year; however, this year we will be having more people and it will be at our place. i’m excited…except for one minor detail.

our place is still full of boxes. and i’m sick, so joe won’t let me help.
sigh. i hope i’m better tomorrow (at least able to sit and stand without being dizzy)so i can help with the cleaning and organizing. joe’s been off work this week, so he’s been able to get more done. i’m busy enough just trying to keep up with the laundry!

joe just woke up, and he’s not feeling well now. i bet he got my bug. the doctor said i was contagious. sigh. now i will be busy taking care of him the way he took care of me. heh.


please go to renee’s and send her some good thoughts. her dad was killed thursday night in a car wreck. she really needs our thoughts and prayers right now.

rollercoaster of emotions

it’s been a rollercoaster of a week. lows then highs then lows.

joe’s grandmother died wednesday morning. his parents called him tuesday night while he was here and told us she was in the hospital. we asked if we should come down to see her, but they said she’d have a few more days. at 3 a.m. joe’s mom called and told us she was dying. we dressed quickly and headed out, but we got held up getting gas and then finding a gas station with a working air pump.

at 4 a.m., while we were still on our way to atlanta, his grandmother passed away. i was so sad. i wanted joe to see her one last time, but he didn’t get to. it broke my heart.

we spent wednesday morning with his family, and on our way back home i got the call saying i had gotten the radio job. we were back on a high for a little bit.

that afternoon, we went to my doctor appointment and found out i’m having surgery next friday. sigh. another low.

yesterday was the funeral. it was a very nice service, but seeing joe’s dad crying broke my heart again. i hate seeing him like that because i like his family so much. what really touched me though was that about 30 people showed up, most of them people who either work or have worked with joe’s dad. that really spoke to me. it says a lot about what kind of a person joe’s dad is that so many people would show up to support him and comfort him and his family.

after the service we had lunch and hung out at joe’s sister’s fiance’s parents’ house (how’s that for a mouthful?!). rachel (joe’s sister), joe’s parents and tommy (a cousin from new york) went out and we met up with them at this very nice outdoor mall. we had a fun afternoon shopping. rachel and i browsed through banana republic and chatted. it was a lot of fun. we found an arch that we both liked at one store, and rachel said we could both use it for our weddings. hehe.

so now i’m back home getting ready to go to my shift at my kiwanis club’s pancake day while joe is at training for his club. what a fun service-oriented morning for us! one of the biggest perks about moving to cartersville is that i will get to transfer to his club. i love the people in it. they’re so great. and the like me more than joe. 🙂 hehe. funny story and then i will end this long post…joe was telling some of the women in his club a few months ago that we were talking about getting married. linda, the immediate past president, asked if they could be the flower girls. without missing a beat, joe says, “you can be the flower women.” needless to say, that didn’t go over too well at first. hehe. now every time i talk to linda she asks if she’s going to be a “flower woman” in our wedding. i told joe since linda helped me find this job down there that she will be our official flower woman. hehe.

and now i’m off to serve pancakes or pick up trash or whatever it is i’m assigned to do this morning. woo hoo.

self portrait friday

that’s right, it’s time for self portrait friday, courtesy of katy.

today’s theme is friends. this is a picture of some of my college friends, the ones i served on the student association with. we worked together, complained together, helped each other and shared many, many late, late nights in the student center together. but we created a bond we’ll have for a long time.