It’s Time to Party!

Lucy went to her first birthday party last weekend. Two of the moms in my moms group threw a party for their daughters, whose birthdays are very close together. It was a dinosaur theme, and it was a lot of fun. Even Lucy, who can’t really do much, had a lot of fun.

When we got there, Joe helped Lucy make dinosaur footprints.

bday party 8

Then, she did some dinosaur rubbings. Now, Mommy and Daddy have some artwork to hang up at work!

bday party 5

bday party 3

She also got a dinosaur puppet (made by the mom of one of the birthday girls) and a dinosaur mask, but I didn’t get pictures of those. I also wish I had gotten a picture of the AWESOME dinosaur cake that Sara made. Seriously, it was amazing.

After all of the fun, Lucy had to take a break to walk around the pavillion.

bday party 1

It was the first of many birthday parties that Lucy will attend, and I’m glad she had so much fun!

Lucy’s Dedication

Lucy’s dedication last weekend was absolutely perfect. Seriously, I couldn’t have asked for anything better, from the ceremony itself to the weather. It was a wonderful day.

We had about 25 family members and friends there. It was so obvious how loved Lucy is. Some of our good friends drove about 3 hours to get there, which really touched us and meant a lot.


The ceremony was held in my parents’ backyard overlooking their lake. Just about everyone was involved. My dad welcomed everyone; my brother, Ryan, read a Bible verse; my grandpa dedicated Lucy; Joe’s dad said a Hebrew blessing; my other brother, Randy, played a hymn; and the two moms invited everyone to lunch afterward. What made it extra special was that Lucy was the first great-grandchild my grandpa has dedicated. I know it meant a lot to him to be able to perform the ceremony.








We had a haystack lunch afterward — for those who don’t know, that’s Fritos topped with chili beans, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, olives or anything else you like — and one of my moms group friends made Lucy’s cake. It was seriously delicious. Everyone kept commenting about how good it was. It was so pretty that I didn’t want to cut it!



Lucy loved the cake, too!



And, Lucy was so beautiful in her white dress. I can’t believe she managed to keep it clean!





And, of course, she had a BLAST hanging out with all her cousins! She spent a lot of time playing with Rivka while Marshall napped.


It was such a nice day full of such great memories.

Lucy’s Future Husband

So, I pretty much suck at this whole being a mom and blogging thing. I swore before Lucy was born that I wouldn’t let being a mom interfere with blogging because, let’s face it, I love letting you all know what’s going on in our lives (as much as I’m sure you love reading about it!) but, I’m always so busy in the mornings, and by the time I get home, I’m so tired I just crash on the couch.

I’m sure I will get back on track. Eventually. For now, though, it looks like another late update.

A few weeks ago, my two best friends from high school came to Chattanooga, so we drove up to see them (and my family, of course). I only see Penny and Christi a couple of times a year, and this was the first time Christi had met Lucy and I had met her son, Maks. We had a blast, as always, catching up while our kids played.

And, in case you’re wondering, Lucy and Maks are engaged. It was love at first sight. They played. Maks repeatedly tried to hug her and ended up tackling her. It was adorable. Aren’t they cute??





They promised to hold off on the wedding until they finish preschool. Whew! Oh, and since you can’t really tell in the pictures, Maks’ shirt says, “Future man of your dreams.” Christi said he wore it just for Lucy. Can I get an “awwww!”?

We had a blast. I can’t wait to see the girls again!


Walks and Warriors

Last weekend was full of driving. It was exhausting but a lot of fun.

We started out by heading to Atlanta on Saturday morning for the 2010 Arthritis Walk. I always love the energy. It really gets you excited.



Braves legend Hank Aaron, who also has arthritis, was there, and as we passed by we got to shake his hand.


After the walk, we headed south of Atlanta to meet up with my sister, brother-in-law and nephews who were in town for Jacob’s soccer tournament. My parents and brother came down from Chattanooga, so we had a lot of fun. We don’t get to see my sister often.

From there, we headed to Blue Ridge to spend the night at Joe’s parents’ cabin. On Sunday morning, we were off to Mountain City in Northeast Georgia near the North Carolina border for the 2010 Southeast Warrior Dash. It was insane. Most racers were dressed in costumes. I have never seen so many men in dresses before. The best costumes we saw were a group of what we think were frat guys with one dressed in a wedding dress and the others in bridesmaid dresses. And, of course, they all donned Viking hats.

Everyone who participated got a Viking hat. Lucy was a junior warrior. 🙂



After the boys checked in, they got all decked out in war paint.


The Dash included a 3-mile run and a bunch of obstacles, including wading through a lake, climbing a wall and cargo net, going through mud and jumping over fire. We were able to watch at the very beginning at the lake and the very end where the fire pit was located. It was hardcore.



I can’t wait to see what costumes the boys come up with for next year.

After the Dash, we raced home to get ready for our LOST finale party. Lucy had so much fun playing with Uncle Randy and Aunt Lisa.




It was a really fun weekend, but now I’m looking forward to catching up on sleep!

Turning 30

My 30th birthday was more painless than I thought it would be, thanks to my awesome husband. My big day was pretty much the same as every other year — a birthday breakfast at Wes-Man’s, a local restaurant (unfortunately, my name didn’t get painted on the famous truck since it rained the day before); work and then my birthday dinner at Provino’s.


When we got home, we had birthday cake.


On Saturday night, we headed to Kennesaw to get a new flash for Joe’s camera and to get Lucy’s 4-month pictures taken — except after leaving Best Buy, Joe headed the *opposite* direction of Olan Mills. That’s because he planned a birthday dinner out with several of our friends since none of my friends were able to get to my party at my parents’ house. That was a lot of fun.

Joe got me an awesome gift — private ballroom dancing lessons! And, in May, we’re going to a ballroom dancing party. I think it will be a lot of fun, despite the fact that I CANNOT dance. 🙂 Lucy gave me a framed picture of us from my birthday breakfast. Awww.

It was a pretty great birthday, mainly because of this little girl:


How can looking at that face not make any day great??

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Take Me Out to the Ballgame

I don’t think I’ll ever be able to go to a baseball game again and sit in regular seats. Not after sitting in the plush *front row* seats at last night’s Atlanta Braves game.

Joe got a set of four corporate tickets for last night’s game, so we invited our friends Jon and Michelle and planned for a fun night in a corporate suite, which is where we have been when we’ve gotten other corporate tickets. Boy, were we wrong.

When I checked our tickets on our way down to the stadium, I noticed it said we had to park in a valet lot and enter through the Suntrust Club entrance. We arrived, waited until 6 p.m. when the stadium opens, and then were ushered down into the basement of the stadium, passing by the signs for the teams locker rooms to enter the Suntrust Club.

We were in awe when we walked in. When we walked down the steps, we first saw a chef standing by a station serving steak. The bar was to our left, and to our right was more gourmet food. Duck, yellow fin tuna, steak, calamari and lobster rolls were among the items served either on the buffet or on the menu. The chef made me a delicious veggie wrap and a veggie plate. We also tried a more gourmet version of nachos (and decided that would make a great Top Chef challenge!) and buffalo fries, which Joe said he would actually kill for. We spent the two hours up until game time eating. Then, when there was a rain delay, we ate some more! Our waiter, who was awesome, brought ice cream treats to each table as we waited.

Dessert was brought out after the game started, and the table was filled with mini apple pies, mini apple crisps, mini chocolate swirl cheesecakes, creme brulee and souflees, among other things. There were supposed to be homemade chocolate chip cookies, too, but we were too late for those. 🙁

braves game 24

Joe said he wouldn’t have been too disappointed if the game had been called because of rain, but we were all glad it wasn’t. Our waiter told us we had awesome seats, but awesome doesn’t even begin to describe them. We were Row A, as in the FIRST ROW. We were behind home plate perpendicular to the third base line. We were literally four people away from being in the camera shot each time a player was at bat.

We certainly weren’t upset about not being on TV, though. And, we did get on TV briefly, which we were able to tell from the TV screen in front of our seats! Yes, just in case we were too lazy to lift up our heads and watch the actual game, we could watch it on a TV screen.

braves game 29

We were closer to home plate than the pitcher, and we could hear all of the umpire’s calls. I told Joe it would have been a great night for Braves manager Bobby Cox to get ejected because we would be able to hear the whole squabble with the umpire. One player, shortstop Yunel Escobar, warmed up right in front of us rather than on the on deck circle. The first time he walked up, he nodded and smiled at us. I said, “Hey!” Yes, I’m retarded. Oh well. He was so close that I could have reached out and touched him (if the net hadn’t been in the way, that is!).

braves game 38

It was definitely one of the best and most fun games we’ve ever been too. We didn’t even mind the fact that the game didn’t end until 12:30 a.m.! I think Lucy had fun, too. I’m pretty sure she was doing the tomahawk chop in my belly!

braves game 17 edit

I will leave you with a trivia question our waiter asked us, since I know I have a few readers who are baseball fans: What are the seven ways a player can get on base? Joe got the seventh one, which the waiter says no one is able to guess. Care to take a shot??