new workout

this new workout joe came up with for me is difficult. we’re talking extremely hard. i’m winded after my first set. i ride my bike for 10 minutes as fast as i can, do one set of ab exercises and take a five minute break. then repeat two more times. i’ll interchange abs and pushups every other day. joe says if you don’t change up your workout every few months your body gets used to it, so we’ll see how this goes. i’m already feeling the burn now though. hopefully it won’t trigger an ra flareup!

life’s inconveniences

my neighbor hit my car today. at least she knocked on my door to tell me. she ran into it backing out of her space, scratching the back end from the bumper to the rear tire quite a bit. it could be a lot worse and i’m glad it wasn’t dented. it’s just a hassle now to deal with the insurance company, then take it to the body shop where i’ll probably have to leave it for a week and somehow find a car since i have to drive for work. sigh. the inconveniences of life.


i’ve been struggling with my weight lately, and even though he doesn’t think i’m fat i’m not feeling too good about myself. joe just emailed me to tell me he’s been doing research and found a new workout for me to try. it’s little things like that that show me how much he loves me.

a night at the movies

which of these does not belong in a movie theater:
a) seats
b) patrons
c) employees
d) a stroller

for most sane people, the correct answer would be d. so when joe and i walked into our theater saturday night and saw a stroller by the last row, our hearts sank. the stroller contained a baby. the baby was screaming at the top of its lungs.

the baby’s parents came in. maybe they would leave. no, they brought their two-year-old. so we watched the ring two complete with the screams and cries of an infant and a two-year-old. joe went out to complain and was told the couple couldn’t be kicked out for that. i beg to differ. one of the employees came in and talked to them, and i think they knew we had complained because they came and sat right behind us. we’re still wondering what kind of a parent brings infants and toddlers to the movies anyway.

three strikes

well, for the third time my air has gone out. i’m really not understanding why it’s taking so many trips to fix it. doesn’t it make sense to fix it the first time around? maybe even the second time. i’m getting sick of calling the landlord and repairman, and i’m sure they’re getting sick of hearing from me. but it’s getting toward summer now, and right now it’s 62 degrees outside and about 78 degrees in my house. thank goodness i’m finding refuge at joe’s this weekend. he sure lets the air conditioning blow!

gonna do it

i’m going to get my ears pierced. after several years of thinking about it and talking about it, i finally decided. i’m kind of excited now. hehe. and i will not be going to the cartersville walmart for it. i just hope it doesn’t hurt too much. i hate pain. sure i inject myself once a week, but i’m still a wuss.