finally i win

after three years in the news business, i can finally say i’m an award-winning journalist. yep. i won third place in breaking news in the georgia associated press contest. w00p. sure third place doesn’t sound like much, but it’s a great feat, at least in my opinion. and i’ve been waiting three years for SOMETHING. now hopefully i’ll take first in the georgia press association contest next month. 🙂

why i love my boyfriend

i saw this on several blogs, and i thought it was a really sweet thing to do, so i thought i’d try. i learned a lot about my boyfriend thinking of why i love him. it makes me love him even more.

  • he loves me for me
  • when i think i’m fat, he says i’m sexy
  • he’ll do anything for me
  • including watching girly movie after girly movie
  • he loves his cat
  • he loves my cats
  • which he shows every time he lies down on the kitchen floor to pull aj’s mice out from under the fridge
  • he went with me to visit my grandmother when she was in the hospital
  • he loves kids
  • and is so good with them
  • he’ll make a great dad
  • he goes out late at night to buy me medicine when i’m sick
  • he tells his kiwanis club about our dates as his happy dollars most weeks
  • he sends me emails just to say he loves me and misses me
  • he leaves messages on my answering machine for the same reason
  • he drives an hour to my house to take care of me when i’m sick
  • he has a great relationship with his family
  • and is close to them
  • he is supportive of my career
  • and tells me i’m a good writer
  • and means it
  • but gives me constructive criticism when he knows it’ll improve my stories
  • he makes me smile and laugh when i’m feeling down
  • he opens my car doors
  • he holds my hand in public
  • and puts his arm around me when we’re eating with our families
  • he holds me when i cry
  • and when we sleep at night
  • he gets up several times a night to turn the air conditioning on and off and on and off for me
  • he’s not with me just for the physical aspect
  • and he’d still be with me if there was no physicalness
  • he calls me just to tell me he loves me
  • when i fall asleep while we’re watching tv he kisses me on the cheeks and eyes
  • and holds me even though it makes his arms fall asleep
  • he watches survivor and the apprentice with me
  • even though he despises those shows
  • because he knows i like them
  • and he wants to make me happy
  • back to the 80s

    so joe and i are at wally world last weekend browsing in the cd department when we see this 3-cd set of 80s hits for $10. it includes songs like “morning train,” “total eclipse of the heart,” “99 red balloons,” etc, a great deal for $10 we thought. so joe bought it and we popped it in the cd player. we played “99 red balloons” first and joe thought it sounded a little off. i looked at the cd box and realized it was a studio group performing the songs, not the original artists. joe was so upset he gave me the cds. hehe. i guess that’s what you get for 3 cds for $10.

    back to the grind

    i hate it when the weekend ends. this past weekend was wonderful. joe came up saturday and we went to my grandparents’ for my grandpa’s birthday lunch. we spent the afternoon at the park throwing the frisbee around and relaxing before going to see sahara with my parents. yesterday we ended up spending most of the day at his parents’ house. we went so he could mow their yard and he ended up getting his car fixed, so we hung out there till 5. his mom and i went shopping at the mall while joe and his dad worked (fun times!). it was nice. when we got back to cartersville we went out to dinner with another couple and then rented a movie, which we never did end up watching. hehe. ahhh….weekends are always so great. 🙂

    new exercise regime, part 2

    i have my new exercise dvd (with six different workouts and three different intesities). i have my weights. i have my jump rope (boy i feel like a kid again). i have my bike. i’m ready to go. joe has developed a new exercise routine for me, with both morning and evening exercises. for example, this morning i did 20 minutes of cardio on my dvd and 10 minutes of upper body. tonight i’ll do 30 minutes on my bike. every day will have two sets of cardio and either upper body, lower body or abs. if this doesn’t make me look good nothing will. and joe decided i need motivation, so if i do this every day until the end of may he’s going to buy me a new outfit. wooo. maybe every six weeks there’ll be some sort of reward. 😉

    take me out to the baaaaallgaaaame

    i love baseball season. last sunday joe had planned to watch the braves-mets game on tv. when i got back from church on saturday, he asked me if i minded watching it with him. of course not. “well good, because i figured we’d watch it at the stadium.” his friend had two extra tickets to the game, so we went along. it was great. his friend, billy, and his girlfriend, jennifer, were very nice and the game was great. we had kick ass seats in the 11th row right between home plate and the visiting team’s dugout. the braves were doing great until they took the starting pitcher out at the top of the 8th. the mets scored three home runs and ended up winning the game. going to the game with joe was definitely the best time i’ve had at a baseball game. we had fun…until i got sick from the sun exposure that is. but that’s another story…