for the love of coffee

i wish dalton had a starbucks. i miss my daily grande mocha frap no whip fix. i really do. ok, that is all.


the other night, joe says to me, “everyone i know at the statesboro paper has a blog.” yep. stacey. eddie. holly. scott. luke. so i reply, “you need to get a blog.”

it’s the same thing i’ve been telling him for the past several months. his response? “i have nothing to blog about.” that opens it up for me to launch into my typical woman response. “you *sniff* mean *sniff* i’m *sniff* not *sniff* something *sniff* you *sniff* can *sniff* write *sniff* about??? *SNIIIIIIIIF*” i love being a woman sometimes.

“no baby, it’s just i’m sure no one cares about what i write.”

“well i write about you on my blog. does that mean no one wants to read what I’M WRITING????”

at this point joe realizes he’s lost. he always does.

so, everyone, post a comment here and convince joe to get a blog. everyone else is doing it!


me: my brother asked if all girls have attitude changes when they’re pmsing. i told him to ask you how you deal with me.

joe: i just don’t talk to you for the week.

the differences between men and women

the conversations joe and i have with our cats when leaving our tvs on for them before we leave:
joe to dizzy: do you want to watch mtv, vh1 or tech tv?

me to my boys: lifetime or oxygen?

and, just for the record, aj is curled up on my bed right now watching the nanny on lifetime. 🙂

only at walmart

joe and i trekked to the cartersville walmart last night to inquire about ear piercing. yep, at 25, i am finally thinking about getting it done. i asked the girl working in jewelry how long you have to keep the initial studs in and how to prevent infection. she told me about her ear piercing, then said, “i had this done three days ago and look how infected it is,” as she, who was not the most fit person i’ve ever seen, pulled up her shirt and showed us her pierced belly button, which was red and purple. “i’m not supposed to take the ring out, but i’ve already changed it three times.” that could be why it’s infected, dear…needless to say, we were pretty disgusted.

but wait. my story gets better. joe bought a second alarm clock to make sure he got up on time today for his first day at his new job. she rang his purchase up, took his money, got his change and shut her drawer — slamming the corner of her jacket in the drawer as she closed it. she freaked out and started calling everyone and their mother trying to find someone to open her drawer. joe’s response? “why doesn’t she just take her jacket off?”
only at walmart.

my sweltering home

it’s 72 degrees outside. it’s about 77 degrees inside my house. no joke. the a/c is out again. i say again because just a month ago the compressor died, so i was living in extreme heat for a few weeks until that got fixed. now, it’s take 2. and i only have one fan so i’ve been living in my bedroom. sigh. at least i’m going to joe’s for the weekend where it’ll be nice and cool. until i make him turn on the heat because i’m freezing, that is. 🙂