our first project

joe and i completed our first project together (and as he says, our last. hehe). we put together the tv stand my brothers got me for the tv my parents got me for my birthday. man. that was a task! it took us about 2.5 hours (oh wait, joe says TWO HOURS) to put it together. that’s probably because i couldn’t screw the screws in all the way so he had to go behind me and finish them (my mom said my dad does that with her, so it’s ok).

joe is standing behind….
joe: “is it up yet? is it up yet??”
me: “hang ON!”
joe: “why is it always about YOU, YOU, YOU on your blog?? huh??”

and, of course, aj wanted to help. he just adores joe. i guess for some odd reason he picked joe for his masculine influence. hehe. 🙂

my day

was fantastic. joe and i went to church, then to my grandparents’ for my birthday dinner with the family. afterward, we went and walked around downtown, then went to tony’s, an italian restaurant, for dinner. we were going to go see phantom of the opera, but it is a 2.5 hour movie and i was afraid i wouldn’t be able to stay awake, as it started at 9:55 p.m. so we walked around the mall, bought a few things and came home. joe gave me the greatest presents: a hanging picture frame with three frames, hanging candle lanterns and bridget jones 2, which he said he bought because it was what we saw on our first date. awwww.

let the countdown begin

1 more day till my 25th birthday! i love birthdays! i still get all excited about ripping open presents. i’m such a little kid. joe’s letting me open his presents tonight. he knows i can’t wait. 🙂

my stupidity, part 3

i wish these posts would stop. really i do. yesterday i waited until it stopped raining to bring my garbage can up from the street. i wore my flip flops out and kept them on when i went back to the kitchen to get some trash. i forgot that water on the ground makes them wet, and as i’m chugging along and step on the linoleum i slip and bend my toe back. a toe on the same foot i sprained. it hurt. a lot. this morning it was swollen and the bruising had spread all the way to my foot. i will spare you by not posting a picture. joe had fun poking it and saying “can ya feel that!?” boys. *shakes head* they’re just big children.

weight loss woes

i’ve decided i want to lose weight. i’d really like to lose at least 15 pounds. so i’ve been watching what i eat and doing at least 45 minutes of exercising every day. and what’s happened? i’ve been gaining weight. so now i’m frustrated. i don’t understand why that’s happening. joe says i’ll gain muscle weight but lose sizes, which hasn’t seemed to have happened either. can anyone shed some light on this for me?

thin mints update

so i just told joe about my thin mints post. he says i’m a jerk and he will take my thin mints back. let him just try…:)