Tea with the Girls

We’re on vacay right now. And by vacay, I mean we’re pet sitting for my parents and grandma while they’re in California.

But, it’s still vacay. We take care of the animals in the morning and at night, and the rest of the day we’re free to do touristy things in Chattanooga, which is a really cool tourist city. I seriously love this town.

Last Friday, my sister-in-law made a reservation for she and I, Lucy, her two sisters and her niece at the local tea house. It’s actually in the historic courthouse where Joe and I got married so, of course, we had to take some pictures before he left us for our girl time. I did some collages to compare our wedding pictures almost 7 years ago with the current pictures. So much fun!

wedding comparison 1

wedding comparison 2

And, for fun, we took a picture of Lucy in front of the mirror where I had some of my bridal portraits taken. That will totally be her getting married in, like 50 years when we allow it!

wedding comparison 3

Fun, right?? I love looking at these collages!

When Joe left, we had tea! This place was great. We had ginger peach tea, which was AWESOME, and the food was fabulous! I had a veggie croissant, and I’ve been craving it ever since!

The girls had PB&J cut in the shape of butterflies, and the staff put their pink lemonade in little teapots so they could act like they were having tea like us! It was adorable. Lucy was OBSESSED. She might have had two pots of lemonade. Lol. Also: I don’t know why my phone pictures are so long. It annoys me.





Fun, right?? I seriously cannot wait to take Lucy back!

Thoughts from a Formula Feeding Mom

I formula-fed my baby. And, I’m not ashamed of it. I never wanted to breastfeed and, though I did try it, it didn’t work out well for us. Lucy lost weight, and I didn’t enjoy it or feel like I bonded any more with her than I would have if I bottle fed her. So, I stopped.

And, it was the best thing ever for us. I was happier. I was more rested. And, in turn, she was happier!

Yesterday, a Facebook “friend” posted an anti-formula rant, going so far as calling those who bottle feed their children “selfish”. I try not to let the opinions of those who differ from me bother me, but this really did – perhaps because she really was insulting those who use formula and insinuating that they’re not as good of mothers.

And that, my friends, is wrong on SO many levels. I wasn’t comfortable with breastfeeding. Doe that mean I judge those who are or criticize them for being “gross”? No. Although, I will say I would prefer if moms would use nursing covers when out in public, like at church.

What happened to supporting fellow moms? What happened to every woman being able to make a decision for her and her child without being chastised? There is so much “mommy guilt” out there, and it’s not cool to add to that by telling someone they made the “wrong” choice as to how to feed their baby. And, it’s just as wrong to tell them their selfish or are a bad mom. Formula-feeding doesn’t make you selfish or lazy. Period.

If I’m being honest, this kind of judgmental reaction is one reason why I never really talked much about my failed attempt at breastfeeding. I didn’t want the pressure of people possibly telling me that I just needed to keep going or judging me for giving my child formula. And, it’s sad that, because of society, I have to feel that way.

I don’t think I’m alone, and I hope I’m not. I’m proud of feeding my child formula and, if we are blessed with a second, we will be feeding that one formula as well. It’s what’s best for our family, and it doesn’t make me a bad mom.

Belle of the Ball

Lucy went on her first date last night. With her Daddy.

The prince and princess went to their first Daddy-Daughter Ball. Lucy was SO excited – it was all she could talk about all day yesterday! Joe came home from work early and, while he bathed Lucy, I ran to the store to get a bouquet of flowers for her. We wanted to do this right! After Joe got dressed, he went out to the car and then knocked on the door to pick Lucy up.



We took the obligatory date pictures, and then they were on their way!



They had a lot of fun! There was dinner (chicken nuggets, mac and cheese, and tea sandwiches), coloring, crafts, horse and carriage rides, and, of course, dancing! And, there was a red carpet to walk! How fun is that??




I’m so glad they had such a fun night together. It’s important. I think this will be an annual tradition!

Everyone asks what I was going to do all night by myself. Uh, watch TV shows that aren’t cartoons and go to the bathroom by myself! It was pretty much awesome! 🙂

Goodbye, Nap Time?

It’s a very, very sad time in our house. I think we are at the end of nap time.

It’s been a week since Lucy has napped. I know she’s tired in the afternoons because if we’re out and about she falls asleep in the car, but I cannot get her to sleep at home. Maybe this is just a phase and soon my dear friend nap time will return. But, I’m not holding out a ton of hope for that.

One of my friends said it best – the “I think we’re dropping naps” stage is worse than living without naps. We’re kind of in limbo right now still since it’s only been a week, and it’s tough not knowing every day whether or not she will nap. This stage definitely is worse. I like having a plan; not knowing just sucks, for lack of a better word.

So, we’re going to be starting “quiet time”. My hope is that she will end up falling asleep in her room. Hope, hope, hope. But, I know quiet time will be a struggle, at least at first. She is adamantly against it. But, Mama needs that time every day, time to myself. It’s so incredibly important.

I guess that if we *are* done with naps, I should be grateful that they lasted until Lucy was 3 1/2. I have friends whose children dropped theirs around age 2. I’m grateful for the extra time I got.

Have your kids dropped naps? What age were they? Do you do quiet time? How does it go over with your kids?

Yes, I Was Attacked by Bees

Today, my dad sent me this story about a man who died after being stung 3,000 times by Africanized bees. This is pretty much my worse nightmare. Why? Because the same kind of thing happened to me when I was a child.

I haven’t really told many people this story because, well, it’s pretty darn awful. When I was growing up in Maryland, we had a weekend house in Virginia. Nestled in the woods, our house was the perfect getaway. My brothers and I had a ball exploring the woods and going for hikes around our property.

One day, my family had taken a walk down the trail to the creek that ran below our house. As we were returning, I was running ahead of my dad and grandparents with my grandparents’ dog, Dempsey. As you may or may not know, Yellow Jackets typically nest on the ground and Dempsey, unknowingly, stepped right on top of a Yellow Jacket hive. And, since I was right behind him, I was the one they attacked. I don’t know how many there were, but I have to think there were hundreds. There were so many bees on me that I couldn’t move and could barely scream for my dad.

When my dad got to me, he picked me up and carried me the rest of the way up the trail, yelling for my mom, who had stayed home with my brothers. They put me right into a tub of water to try to drown the bees but, since I had such long hair (down to my rear end), they had a horrible time getting all the bees out of it.

I developed an allergic reaction to the numerous bee stings and, now, I freak out if I see a bee, even if it’s one that doesn’t have a stinger.

So, I feel for this man and know just a little about what his last minutes were like. And, his death is one of the most horrible ways I can imagine going.

What are your thoughts on this story? Have you ever been attacked by bees?

Things that go Barf in the Night!

So. The other night. It was around 2:30 a.m., and I reached down in my sleep to pull our comforter up. And, felt something wet.

My first thought? Did Lucy come in here and throw up??

I know. I know. It made no sense. But, I was half asleep. We tossed the comforter off to deal with it in the morning, and that was that.

Until a little bit later when I rolled over. Into throw up. Yes, THROW UP. As in all over my arm. Apparently, JOE’S cat threw up (as he does pretty regularly) and decided to do so IN OUR BED.

Are you laughing yet? It is pretty funny when, you know, you’re not going through it.

So, we got up and changed the sheets. At 2:30 a.m. I resisted the urge to shower since I had gotten THROW UP all over my arm and just scrubbed it REALLY well in the sink. And then, we were finally back to bed.

The next day, I didn’t see Dizzy at all. Until nap time, that is, when he laid on top of me. Really??