the hunt is on

we are spending all of sunday afternoon looking at houses with our realtor. i have been searching every real estate site under the sun, and we have narrowed our choices down to five. a couple are located in town, and a few others are more out of the way, which might be a nice change. all i ask for is a dining room so i have room for my table and china cabinet, and you would think that’s asking a lot because most of the houses we’ve seen don’t have dining rooms.

our lease runs out here in may, and i’m sure we’ll be in a house by then. if all goes well sunday, we may be meeting with an inspector next week at the house we choose. yay!

busy sunday

i’ve hardly done anything i planned to do today. joe has to be at work most of the day to help with two play performances, so i had a list of things to do. after i got done at work, i was going to come home, work out, hit the grocery store and start on a bunch of chores. close to five hours later, i’m just now getting to working out.

since joe had to buy a build-a-bear gift card for a raffle tonight, we met up for lunch at panera (yum!) in kennesaw after i got done at work. it was really nice to see him a little today, but it threw me off! i hit the grocery store on my way home and now i’m in the middle of my workout. maybe i’ll have time to get a *few* chores done before joe gets home!

going back to the grocery shopping for a minute, i would like to request of my laundry detergent, dishwasher detergent and grocery bags that they not run out at the exact same time. it’s such a pain to have to buy the three most expensive purchases together! does this happen to any of you?

the abc’s of homemaking

i saw this on laura and liz’s blogs, and i am bored, so i thought i’d post it as well.

aprons – y/n? y - i have one that my mil gave me but i haven’t used it yet.
baking – favorite thing to bake? i love baking anything, but my favorites are cakes and brownies.
clothesline – y/n? n – i have never used one and never had a desire to.
donuts – ever made them? i have not, but joe would love it if i learned how!
everyday – one homemaking thing you do everyday? hmm…probably just general straigtening up.
freezer – do you have a separate deep freezer? no, but i would like one when we get a house.
garbage disposal – y/n? oh yes.
handbook – y/n? huh??
ironing – love it or hate it? hate is not a strong enough word. i absolutely despise it. luckily, my husband doesn’t mind that chore. 🙂
junk drawer – where is it? it is in the kitchen.
kitchen – design and decorating? white tile and white walls. i can’t wait to move to a house so i can paint the kitchen!
love – what is your favorite part of homemaking? doing chores as a married woman. 🙂
mop – y/n? yes, but joe does it.
nylons – wash them by hand or in the washer? i refuse to wear nylons, but when i used to wear them i washed them by hand. they tore too easily in the washer.
oven – do you use the window or open it to check? i open it to check food.
pizza – what do you put on yours? veggies, no cheese. yum!
quiet – what do you do during the day when you get a quiet moment? spend some times with the terrible threesome — julius, aj and dizzy. 😉
recipe card box – y/n? no. i don’t have one yet, but i’m working on making one.
style of house – what house? we’re still in an apartment.
tablecloths and napkins – y/n? i use nice napkins when we have company over, but paper napkins for day-to-day eating. i have tablecloths, but i don’t put them on the table unless someone’s coming over because the cats haven’t learned to not get up on the table yet.
under the kitchen sink – plastic grocery store bags, cleaning supplies.
vacuum – how many times a week? i like to do it at least twice a week, but sometimes it only gets done once.
wash – how many loads do you do a week? at leat 5 or 6. it seems like i’m doing laundry all the time!
x’es – do you keep a list of things to do and cross them off? no, but i’ve been thinking about starting one.
yard – who does what? we don’t have a yard yet. 🙁
zzz’s – what is your last homemaking task for the day? cleaning up after dinner.

thank goodness it’s wednesday

i am so ready for this week to be over. i pushed myself hard today and got my 30 minutes of cardio in. it was hard this morning, because my knees were really hurting. i hope i did the right thing. otherwise, i’ll be feeling the repercussions tomorrow. i’m just really not in the mood for a flareup right now.

my next goal is to get my 8 glasses of water in every day. it’s so hard for me because i alway prefer something with taste. 🙂 but, i know it’s important, so i’m going to try.

on a brighter note, i found the bedding i want for our bedroom. i really want to brighten it up somehow but stay away from pink for joe’s sake. i found a couple duvet covers that we both like at pottery barn.

this one is our favorite. i love the bright yellow. it’s so cheerful!

i like the broader stripes on this one, and it also comes in yellow.

which one do you guys like?

spf returns

it’s friday, and you know what that means. self portrait friday over at katy’s. today’s theme is before and after. here are my picks.

first is my kitchen. the counter was piled with clean dishes, and the sink was filled with dirty dishes.

and the after

and then there’s my bed before i make it

and after

this was a good excuse to get some housework done this morning! hehe. now show us your befores and afters!


i hate dusting. i hate having to take all my books and knick knacks off my bookcases to clean them. and so my book shelves are dusty and probably should be cleaned. joe doesn’t mind dusting. this is perfect. we’ve come up with a deal: when we get married he will do the dusting and i will do the other cleaning. it works for me. and if he does want to help me with the other chores (like the bathroom cleaning and the vaccuuming) i won’t turn him down!