busy, busy evening

tonight i must clean. really clean. the downstairs looks fine,. i always try to keep it neat and tidy because that’s what people see when they come over. tonight i must tackle the upstairs. i need to clean my bathroom (oh how i hate cleaning bathrooms) and probably clean joe’s sink area.

at some point i have to suck it up and attack the office. it’s so cluttered. i make excuses for it since i’m dealing with so many papers every day, and i need everything right where i can get to it. but it’s gotten bad, and i really need to get more organized. that may not happen tonight, but it’s on the list for the very near future.

and tonight i must write. recreationally, that is. i haven’t written creatively in probably a year. i don’t know why…for some reason i just haven’t had the motivation. tonight i will make myself do it. no matter what. even if i just write a page. at least it’s a start.


my kitchen is slowly becoming less sterile. on saturday, joe and i hung some paintings i bought (i’m sure he’ll comment about my using the “we” here. hehe). i also now have a baker’s rack, which my parents found for $27 as opposed to the typical $150 or so. we’re thrifty shoppers 🙂 once i replace the glass in the frame for the “where the wild things are” picture we had in the house when i was a child, i’m going to hang that as well. i always liked that picture. i’ll post a picture of my work-in-progress later.

our first project

joe and i completed our first project together (and as he says, our last. hehe). we put together the tv stand my brothers got me for the tv my parents got me for my birthday. man. that was a task! it took us about 2.5 hours (oh wait, joe says TWO HOURS) to put it together. that’s probably because i couldn’t screw the screws in all the way so he had to go behind me and finish them (my mom said my dad does that with her, so it’s ok).

joe is standing behind….
joe: “is it up yet? is it up yet??”
me: “hang ON!”
joe: “why is it always about YOU, YOU, YOU on your blog?? huh??”

and, of course, aj wanted to help. he just adores joe. i guess for some odd reason he picked joe for his masculine influence. hehe. 🙂