clock decor

i’ve always wanted a grandfather clock. i don’t know what it is about them, but i’ve always wanted one in my home. i just love clocks period. my parents have a mantel clock above their fireplace, and i’ve wanted to get one like that for ours too. joe’s parents have a grandfather clock that i think they’re going to give us whenever they finally move (who knows when that will be since the housing market is so horrible right now), and i really want it because it’s been handed down in the family. i have the perfect place for it — in the front corner in our living room. we’re planning on getting rid of our sectional couch and getting a new couch, which will give us more room, and we can move our dvd rack if need be. i think it would look really nice there. but, now that rachel and dave are about to buy their first house, i hope that they won’t get it over us. i called dibs on it for a reason. 🙂

if they do, i’ve been looking online at grandfather clocks that we might like. i really like the howard miller style, and i really like this one. i love the dark wood, which is what i’m going for in our house, and it’s just very simple and classic looking.

so what about you? are there any home decor items that you’ve always wanted and that are on your wish list?

have you hugged a tree today?

i covered a tree meeting today. and you know what i learned? that crapemyrtles are pretty much the hardiest trees you can plant. the arborist said that it’s pretty hard to kill a crapemyrtle. that made me feel better because we forgot to water it the last couple of days, and i thought it was going to die.

and that, my friends, is the something new i learned today.

weekend recap

we had a fun, relaxing weekend. well, relaxing for the most part. as i mentioned before, we headed to atlanta early saturday morning for my ultrasound, which was a total bust. i’m still bummed about it.

after we got home, we slept for about four hours, and then joe went to the park for his run. instead of a 10-mile run like he had planned, he ended up doing only 8 miles because of the intense heat. i don’t blame him. i don’t know how he runs when the temperatures are as high as they are here.

that night, we met joe’s parents in kennesaw to see “the dark knight“. it was fabulous. it was very dark, as the reviews had said, but definitely was the best movie of the year so far. heath ledger definitely was the best actor. i know that’s being said a lot since his death, but it’s the truth. his performance was amazing. aaron eckhart, who played the district attorney/two face, was awesome as well. several people brought their children, which surprised us. it was *not* a good movie for kids.

sunday was a nice day as well. i worked in the morning, and when i came home i helped joe plant our crape myrtle. we’ve decided to to do a row of these trees in front of our house, which i think will be very pretty. add a white fence and you’ve got a pretty idylic scene. it’s funny because i’ve never noticed these trees before, but now that we have one i see them all over the place.

crepe myrtle

we also went to bruster’s and shared a hot fudge brownie sundae (yum!) before returning home to watch the braves game. really, though, it wasn’t a game. it was more batting practice for the nationals. and, as i said to joe, what does it say about the braves when they lose 15-6 to the worst team in the national league? not a whole lot, i’m afraid.

our regular sunday night shows made for a perfect end to the day.

now it’s your turn. what did you do this weekend?

air freshness

since we no longer have a second bathroom, we’ve been keeping the cats’ litter box in the kitchen. it’s in a corner near the door to our deck and it’s out of the way, but the cats still smell it up from time to time. it’s not usually a problem for us, since it’s usually just us there, but when we have people over, i like to make sure my house smells nice.

we’ve tried *so* many things. we’ve tried air fresheners (which i’ve never really liked because once you spray them the scent seems to go away), and we most recently have used a candle warmer i got from a store in ringgold, georgia. but, it broke, and i haven’t had a chance to get up there and replace it yet.

so, i decided to try renuzit triscents. i’ve seen commercials and other advertisements for it, so i thought i’d give it a try. and i have to say, it’s the best product we’ve found yet! i didn’t realize how it works, but you put in all three scent cartridges, and it rotates which one it releases. it’s a *really* strong smell, but it’s nice. it’s not overpowering. i absolutely love it. in fact, it released so much scent that we decided to unplug it one night! and, renuzit is offering a coupon for the purchase of a starter kit.

do any of you have the same problem trying to find a good air freshener? what products do you use?

Sponsored by Renuzit TriScents

coloring our world

while we were waiting out a summer storm at home depot today, joe and i picked out the colors we plan on painting the rooms in our house. i knew what colors i wanted to use, and even though behr had so many to choose from, i think we’ve found the perfect shades.


living room:
living room-green



behr has fabulous color combination books that show how different shades will look in a room, and those really helped us with our decision. we’re going to start painting the bedroom either wednesday or thursday, and i can’t wait. our house will look so much better once it’s not all one neutral color.

our finds

we didn’t end up buying anything from the antique store that is going out of business, though i found a couple of things that i might go back and get before the store closes for good tomorrow night.

we did, however, find a few things at the other antique store. we bought this cute cart and basket of flowers, which are perfect in our kitchen.

kitchen cart 2

kitchen cart 1

i also found a hutch that will fit perfectly. i think we’re going to go back and get that too.