baskets, baskets everywhere

basket carnival

i love baskets. i collect them all the time. however, most of mine are more decorative than useful. it’s time for me to start stocking up on baskets i can use for organizing. i have a few that i use in my bathroom closet to organize my shower gels and other bath items. it works well, but after seeing pictures from the others who participated in org junkie’s basket carnival, i feel like my baskets are not up to par. i definitely got some inspiration, and now i’m motivated to really start organizing my house better.

bathroom baskets

i love having baskets in my bathroom closet. it definitely keeps things much neater than they would be. i do think i need a third basket for the back right corner to organize my cleaning supplies in. i just need to find one that’s the right size.

a garden with attitude

last sunday, we had a mission: buy a weed killer to clear out our front yard and then plant grass.

i daydream about how nice it will be to have a yard of *gasp* grass! last year, our yard was nothing but dirt because of the extreme drought our area was in, and now that we’ve had good rains, the only things growing are weeds.

we headed to lowe’s because we like lowe’s. we go there for all our home repair needs. at least we did. that may change, though. when we arrived, we quickly found the employee working in the garden area and explained what we needed to do. he laughed and said, “you can’t grow grass.” he said that with the odd/even day watering schedule, we wouldn’t be able to water enough for grass to grow.

that bummed us out, but i thought picking out flowers to plant in my flower beds would cheer me up. we asked about flowers that can grow in the shade, since the flower bed under our living room window doesn’t get much sun.

“colors don’t grow in the shade,” the employee replied.

i explained the situation and told him that my mother-in-law has flowers growing in the shade in her yard.

“how many times do i have to tell you, flowers don’t grow in the shade!” he shouted.

i was taken aback by that and said, “you don’t need to talk to me like that.” then, i called joe away and told him i had found flowers that grow in the shade.

after talking to a manager, we left and headed to home depot where we were told that bermuda grass, which is what we want, *loves* the month of june and that this is the perfect time to plant it. we were also told that it only needs to be watered 1-2 times a week, so the watering restrictions wouldn’t have any effect on it.

take that, lowe’s man. i think we’ll be going to home depot from now on.

bedding choices

i’ve been looking for new bedding for a while now. i’m very picky, and i don’t make decisions like this very quickly. however, i waited so long that now the one i *really* wanted is sold out in red. it is still available in blue, but i had my heart set on a red and yellow bedroom.

libby stripe

there are two others i like as well. i think i like the stripes better on the first, but the second has throw pillow covers available in the same pattern.

multi stripe

vintage stripe

the other problem is that i *really* want the quilt that goes with the first set. do you guys think it would look ok with either of the second sets? if so, which one?


so here’s your assignment: help me decide which one to choose! vote for which one you like the best. you will heavily influence my decision because right now it’s pretty much a toss up for me. i like them both.

renuzit home makeover contest

i am a big fan of contets. i enter them all the time. when i found out about renuzit’s transform your home promotion, i knew i wanted to enter. who wouldn’t want to win a $20,000 room makeover? i really need to redo all the rooms in my house, so it was hard to choose which one to enter into the contest. for example, i would love to makeover my bedroom. i’ve been dying to get new bedroom furniture and completely redo our room. it would be *so* nice to have just one dresser and maybe an armoire or something.

i think we decided to enter our living room. that room is in *desperate* need of new furniture since our cats have torn up our couch (is it too late to get them declawed??). plus, it would be a challenge for a makeover team because having our china cabinet in there makes it a bit smaller. i would *love* to put in a window seat, as i have mentioned before. we had one in our weekend home in virginia, and i loved it. i would also like to anchor our television to the wall with one of those shelves (i can’t remember what they’re called), which would save us more room. there are so many ideas that i have and just thinking about having a makeover like this has started making my creative juices flow.

living room 1 crop

i love that renuzit is sponsoring this contest because i actually use their products. i love having my house smell nice, so we use the renuzit sprays all the time. i absolutely love them! make sure you check out the official rules and enter to win this contest too! are any of you interested in a makeover for one of the rooms in your home? which room would you choose and why? i love hearing about how people would decorate their homes.

new bedding

the bedding i want from pottery barn is now on sale. i really want to get it before it runs out of stock (i think it’s being discontinued), but i’m wondering if, since it’s a duvet cover, it will be the same size as my comforter now or if it will be the same size as my down comforter, which is shorter. do any of you know?

late recap

i know it’s a few days late, but i have been so busy that it’s taken me a while to edit my pictures to share. we have been going non-stop lately!

last wednesday unknowingly became “surprise day”. when joe came home from work, i had a chocolate banana pie all ready for him. it was so yummy and *so* easy to make! next time i think i’m going to add slices of banana.

chocolate banana pie 1

he arrived with a gorgeous bouquet of roses for me. ready, set, awwww!

flowers 4

we had a super busy weekend. joe left early saturday morning to help with our kiwanis club’s first annual 5k road race. when he got back, it was time to get ready to go to my church. that night, we had dinner at applebees and rented the exorcist, since i was in the mood for a scary movie. i was disappointed, though, because i wasn’t scared at all! i didn’t like the evilness of it, though.

sunday was a work day in our household. i had to go into work that morning, and when i got home we spent the rest of the day working on our storage room, carport and guest bedroom/office. we made a lot of progress, even if it isn’t noticeable right now. we got our guest bedroom closet completely cleaned out, moved things in from the storage room, and consolidated a *lot* of things piled up in our carport. hopefully soon we will get everything moved out of the carport. joe wants to put his weight bench out there to give me more room for scrapping (and for moving the computer and desk in the back room once we get pregnant) and because he says he wants to workout outside. *shrug* to each his own.