madonna in rock and roll hall

madonna was inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame yesterday. i have a problem with this. when i think of rock and roll, i think of aerosmith and the rolling stones. i don’t think about madonna. i could see her in the pop hall of fame, but not the rock and roll hof. there’s nothing rock and roll about her. like joe said, they let anyone in these days.

pb&j day

who doesn’t love a good peanut butter and jelly sandwich? apparently, our state senators thought it was high time that pb&j get the recognition it deserves. that’s why march 5, 2008 was declared “peanut butter and jelly day” here in the peach state. i just found this out today, which upsets me because i didn’t get to celebrate with a peanut butter sandwich. i am glad to know, though, that there is so little that needs attention that these senators were able to spend their time drafting legislation to honor a sandwich. i wonder if next month we’ll have “ham and cheese day”. what can i say, we take our sandwiches seriously here in georgia.

patrick swayze has cancer

have you guys heard the news that patrick swayze has pancreatic cancer? it’s one of the most deadliest forms of cancer, but despite earlier reports that swayze has just weeks to live, his doctor says he has a “limited amount” of the cancer and that he is responding well to treatment. i hope everything works out well for him. i’ve always liked him and thought he was a great actor.

hold the moving trucks

the “great plan” tax reform bill failed today in the house, and the legislator i interviewed said it’s unlikely it will be brought back up again this year. crossover day is tuesday, and after that time the house can only vote on bills passed by the senate and vice versa. considering the legislature is not in session tomorrow or friday, i think it’s safe to say this bill will not be coming back up for at least another year.

the bill was revised again last night, so i was thrown for a loop today when i arrived at work to discover that the new house bill had been incorporated into a senate resolution. the new bill would have capped property assessments, allowing residential property taxes to increase by only 2 percent a year and business taxes to increase by only 3 percent. it also would have eliminated car taxes.

again, on the surface it looks great. but then, you have the accompanying legislation that would take on extra sales taxes. it’s interesting how that bill was never mentioned on the house floor today (we watched live online since as soon as we got it up and running they announced our bill). but, that money has to be made up somewhere. in fact, that was one of the “softball” questions the speaker of the house was asked today while introducing his bill.

“how will the local governments and school systems be reimbursed?”

“the state.”

and that was that. apparently, the legislator asking the question thought that was a sufficient response. my coworkers and i, however, did not. it was one of the questions i asked our local legislator tonight. i bet you can’t guess his response.

“how will the $1 billion saved in car taxes be made up to the local governments?”

“through the state.”

(haven’t i heard this before?)

“so where is that money going to *come* from?”

“the state.”

so what you’re telling me is that the state has $1 billion in its reserves to reimburse the local governments? in that case, why not just go ahead and cut taxes and forget increasing the sales tax?

at any rate, it looks like we won’t have to be moving to tennessee any time soon.

lying liars and the lies they tell

i hate liars. want to know what i hate more than liars? legislators who lie. now, i’m sure you’re sitting there thinking, “cady, all politicians are liars. shouldn’t you know that by now?” well, yes i know that. but being flat out lied to is another story.

here in georgia, our state legislators are deciding on a bill that will basically raise taxes. it is being advertised as eliminating property taxes. that sounds fabulous on the surface, but that money has to be made up somehow. according to the enabling legislation, it will raise the current sales tax and add the sales tax to *everything* not being taxed, such as movie and lottery tickets, lawyer fees, etc. and, it won’t eliminate property taxes. it cuts property taxes as a funding source for school systems but leaves it as a way to fund local governments. what the legislators don’t understand is that property taxes are the main source of funding for school systems. take that away and they aren’t left with much. our city school system has already said it will have to close if this bill passes. plus, the one-cent special purpose local option sales tax which is used for special projects, such as to fund the construction of schools and installation of technology, will most likely be eliminated. as local school board members have said, why would residents vote for an additional one-cent tax when the sales tax will be increasing?

and it gets worse. the sales tax money collected locally won’t stay here. it will be sent to atlanta where the state government will disperse it as it sees fit. there’s no telling how much funding each city and county will get.

last week, the original bill was broken out into these two separate bills. the only change was leaving the property tax revenues for local governments. i interviewed one of our local legislators about it and he said, “this would be a tax increase. i don’t want my taxes to increase, so i’m not going to vote for it.”

what did he do today? he voted for it. he lied point blank when i asked him if he would vote for it. that makes me mad. very mad. and i know that this will probably be approved on the november ballot because it’s being advertised as “NO MORE PROPERTY TAXES!”

at least it’s an election year. i think we’ll be seeing all new faces in the bartow county delegation come november.

starbucks closing

starbucks is closing all of its stores tonight from 5:30-9 p.m. for in-house training on the art of making coffee for its remaining staff. starbucks recently closed 100 stores and fired 600 employees. dunkin’ donuts is taking advantage of the three-hour closing to offer signature drinks — lattes, cappuchinos and espressos — for 99 cents each.