man gets $100,000 power bill

this story was used as a teaser during a promo for the 11 p.m. news on one of the atlanta stations last night. a tampa man and his roommate living in a one-bedroom trailer received a $100,000 power bill, after having their power turned back on just two weeks earlier. it just sounds absurd. my house is bigger than that, and i don’t think i’d pay that much in a lifetime! i would flip out if my power bill said i owed $99,999. the power company later said the bill resulted from a computer error.

heath ledger dies

i know it’s not breaking news now, but i’m still shocked about heath ledger’s death yesterday. a medical examiner who performed his autopsy says the results are inconlusive, but authorities think he may have overdosed on pills that were found near him. the associated press is reporting that ledger said his role as the joker in “the dark night” disturbed him and that he got a prescription for sleeping pills to help him fall asleep at night. maybe he was trying to sleep and took too many. i guess we’ll know in 10 days.

finding the perfect size

like most women, i don’t wear just one size. my size varies from store to store, and it can make shopping much more tedious when i start with one size and have to keep trying on different sizes to find the right fit. so, the article “what size are you – really?” caught my attention.

melissa adelman and her partner are working on a web site called “size me up” that translates sizes from one store to another. and, she’s trying to get at least 40 retailers to put the translation tool on their web sites, which would make shopping so much easier, especially in a world where online shopping is much more convenient than trekking to the mall.

they’re working on getting their site up and running, and are asking for input from women. they want women to enter sizes from 10 items of clothing in their closets, and anyone who participates will be entered to win an 8 gb ipod nano. if 5 of the 10 items are from their preferred brand list, your chances of winning are doubled. that’s a pretty awesome incentive.

so what do you guys think? do you think you’d use a site like this?

no parenting advice from the spears

lynne spears’ book on parenting has been put on hold indefinitely. i guess her publisher decided she’s not the best person to dish out advice since britney has had her children taken away from her and 16-year-old jamie lynn is pregnant.

fox news and paris hilton

joe called me yesterday from the car dealership to tell me about breaking news on fox news.

“their helicopter is following a police car taking paris hilton to court.”

this is why i don’t watch fox news.

fatal bus wreck

photo from the atlanta journal constitution

six people from bluffton university in ohio were killed early this morning when their bus fell off an overpass onto interstate 75. authorities have said the bus was in the hov lane and the driver, who was unfamiliar with the atlanta area, exited the interstate at a “high speed” and did not stop at an intersection. crash survivors told authorities the driver tried to make the turn onto northside drive without slowing down, crossed six lanes of traffic and crashed through a retaining wall and fencing, falling onto the interstate.

the bus driver, his wife and four students were killed. the other 29 passengers were injured and transported to three atlanta hospitals. most of the injured where taken to grady memorial hospital. joe’s sister is a paramedic at grady, and her ambulance was the first on the scene. she told joe it was worse than a horror movie. 

the interstate was shut down for five hours, creating gridlock on secondary roads during the morning commute. joe was stuck in traffic from the crash for about an hour and a half. at one point it took him more than half an hour to go one mile.

this crash happened not too long after on off-duty police officer was killed after driving the wrong way on the interstate and hitting an ambulance head-on.

what a day we’ve had here in the atlanta area.