gabby contest

i am entered in two categories for the georgia assocation of broadcasters’ 2008 gabby awards. i am entered for best newscast and best story series. my newscast led with a story on a hostage situation near where we used to live, and my series is four stories about our police chief who resigned after being investigated for misconduct by a former federal bureau of investigation agent. i think both are strong contenders. last year, one of my stories won best news story for our class. as i’ve said before, i wish we got our names on the awards, but at least i can still put the wins on my resume since i wrote the stories. wish me luck!


i don’t know how i’m going to make it through november. first, i signed up for nablopomo. that’s not so bad. it will actually be kind of fun coming up with something interesting to post every day. however, i wish they didn’t do it in november. with the holidays, it’s hard to post every day. i know we’ll be away from our computer for one night while we’re at joe’s parents’ cabin. maybe i can use his dad’s laptop while the boys are out all night smoking the turkey.

the second thing i did was sign up for national novel writing month because i’m finally going to write this book i’ve been working on (or not so much working on). it’s giong to be tough (the goal is to write 1,667 words a day), but yesterday i exceeded my goal and i got on quite a roll, which boosted my spirits. joe is doing it too, so at least i have someone to go through it with. and who knows. i could come up something semi-decent! maybe i will share later. or if you want to read it, leave a comment.

my first gabby award

the news story i submitted for this year’s georgia association of broadcaster gabby awards won best news story for our class. yay! i don’t get anything myself, but i can still put it on the resume.

my story!

my story ran today. i’m so excited. she really didn’t change anything. i was worried about my lead because i couldn’t decide whether a soft or hard news lead would work better. i went with the soft lead, and apparantly it worked. you can read my story here. what do you all think?


my story turned out well, very well in fact. i was really happy with it, and i think my editor liked it as well. she said i did a great job, and i haven’t heard anything else, so i think that’s good. yay.

so now i can officially say that i’m a freelancer. i hope i start getting more assignments. i’ve really missed this kind of writing.

writing nerves

i’m turning in my first freelancing assignment this morning, and i’m kind of nervous. it’s not that i don’t think i’m a good writer, but this is for a publication in atlanta, which is the biggest market i’ve ever written for, and i really want the editor to like this piece. it would be really nice to get some regular assignments. i got the assignment monday, but the short timeframe isn’t a big deal. it’s a pretty easy story regarding the frequency of fires in the winter. luckily, the public information officers at the fire departments i talked to were quite talkative. i love people like that, people who just start going when you ask one question. it makes my job much easier. 🙂

writing this story has really made me realize how much i miss newspaper writing. i miss being able to write long pieces. i miss being able to come up with creative feature leads. and, i realized a few minutes into my first interview that i wasn’t taking notes. i’ve become so used to recording all my interviews, i slightly panicked trying to get my quotes down. hehe. it’s been too long.

since my deadline is today, i think my story will run sunday. i’ll post a link, and you guys can tell me what you think! i think it turned out really well though. i think it’s a good, solid piece. yay!