I have a love/hate relationship with makeup. I love to wear it because I definitely feel like I look better with it on, but I hate to wear it because I feel like it melts off of me, especially in the hot summers we have here in Georgia.

I LOVE mineral makeup. It’s pretty much all I wear now, and I don’t seem to “feel” it on me as much as I did before when I wore liquid foundation. I’ve tried a few different kinds of mineral makeup (and have loved them all), but I haven’t tried organic makeup yet. Have any of you tried that?

What are you favorite brands of makeup?

Going Completely Wireless

Joe and I have been talking lately about getting a wireless printer. I absolutely love our current laser printer. It’s beyond awesome. But, a wireless printer would be a lot easier when we get Joe a laptop and get rid of our desktop computer (are any of the epson printers wireless??). Plus, I would be able to print coupons off my iPhone (and, with a two-print limit per computer, I can take all the additional prints I can get!).

Do any of you have wireless printers? What do you think about them?

Toys, Toys, Everywhere!

Our house is FILLED with toys now that Lucy’s birthday party is over. Joe suggested we only give her one of her new toys a week but I feel like they’re her birthday toys so she should get to play with them now! And now with Christmas and Hannukah coming up, she’s going to have even more toys.

It’s time for us to take all of her newborn items to our storage unit (think playmat, swing and bouncer) to free up more room. We plan on turning her little nook where her diaper caddy is now into a play area. I think that will help free up more room.

Shoe Problems

I think I’m going to need to go shopping for some new shoes pretty soon.

My feet grew during pregnancy. It’s so funny because foot growth isn’t really a pregnancy symptom that I thought of, but it definitely happened for me. I noticed it the first time when I bought some new flip flops this summer and picked a size larger than I usually wear. And, honestly, I probably could have gone up another size.

Then, on Saturday, I planned on wearing my super cute closed toes black pumps that have little bows on the side to a funeral, but when I put them on my toes were SQUISHED! I wore them when I walked out to get the mail, and that was painful enough.

So, now I think I need to find some new dressy shoes for winter (whenever the cold weather decides to head into our area, that is). I have a few places to look on my list, like mbt shoes.

Did any of you notice your feet grow a size or so from pregnancy??

Parents Choice Formula Now Available Online!

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of PBM Products. All opinions are 100% mine.

I don’t buy Lucy name brand formula. She’s had it a few times — when we’ve gotten free samples or gotten really good deals on unopened cans off Craigslist — but I typically buy her store brand formula. I feel like there’s no reason to spend twice as much when the generic brands have the exact same ingredients as the name brand formulas and they have to meet the same FDA standards as name brands.

We go back and forth among generic brands based on what I have coupons for, and one of the brands we have used regularly is Parents Choice. Parents Choice is the Wal-Mart brand of formula, and it’s similar to Similac. And, now, you can buy it online! I think it’s the first generic formula I’ve seen that can be purchased online. I love the convenience of that! Sometimes, it’s just a pain to go out to the store. You can order both cans of powder formula or ready-to-serve liquid formula through the Baby Center on Wal-Mart’s website. These days, I buy whatever I can online. And what I love about Wal-Mart is that there’s no additional charge to ship to your home!

For those of you who feed your babies formula, what brand do you use? Did you make the switch to generic formula?

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Picking out Makeup

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of BH Cosmetics. All opinions are 100% mine.

I love wearing makeup. I don’t wear it very often in the summer because the heat makes me feel like it’s melting off my face, and I always feel bare, so to speak, going out in public without it. I love how it makes me feel more pretty.

I need to find new colors, though, to add to my collection. I wear mineral makeup for my foundation, blush and finisher, but I use regular makeup for eyeshadow and lipstick. I tend to wear mainly brown eyeshadow. The color looks good on me but, since I have brown eyes, I feel like maybe I need more color in my makeup palette.

I like makeup palettes, like the ones made by BH Cosmetics. It’s nice having so many different shades at my fingertips so I can play around and figure out what looks I like the best. Surely with between 26 and 120 shades, I could find *something* that would look good on me! And, BH Cosmetics eyeshadow is highly pigmented, which means its bendable with high staying power.

What kind of makeup do you guys wear? What’s your favorite shade for eyeshadow? Do you have a problem wearing the same shadows over and over, too?

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