The Night Before Weigh-in #1

I am quite nervous about my weigh-in tomorrow. I did well this week in that I didn’t go over my points. However, I didn’t get all my points in, and from what I’ve heard, that could cause me to gain weight. I feel like I’m starting to feel better about myself, but, of course, every time that happens I immediately start to feel worse again, like I can feel myself gaining weight.

This afternoon, Joe called me on the spur of the moment to join him and someone from the local Convention and Visitor’s Bureau for lunch at this great place in downtown Cartersville. It’s a fabulous southern restaurant with lots of meats and veggies on the menu. I told Joe it was a terrible place to take me the day before my weigh-in but, really, I didn’t eat badly — rice and pinto beans, broccoli and squash. Sure, I had a piece of their chocolate cake because their food is fantastic, but I still have half my points left for tonight and I’m not even hungry. It makes me wonder how I could have gained weight if I can’t even get all my points in.

So think some good thoughts for me and send some weight loss vibes my way. Now, I must go find something very light to wear tomorrow.

Weekly Winners — 10/05/08-10/11/08

Homemade salsa

Cuddling in the laundry basket
diz and callie cuddling

diz and callie cuddling

TV time
watching tv

watching tv

Trying to grab the camera
callie trying to grab the camera

A Country Weekend

This past weekend was one I didn’t want to end, not because I wasn’t looking forward to another work week but because I just enjoyed Joe’s company so much. We had a very country weekend, except for our stop at the Kangaroo Conservation Center. We went on a tram tour through the property (and saw bunches of adorable kangaroos), and then saw a live wildlife show, which was basically just seeing the animals up close.



Then, we walked the 1/4-mile trail, which was delightful because it was about 10 degrees cooler than the 80+ degree weather.

me and joe at the kangaroo conservation center

Here are some things I learned at the KCC:

  • Kangaroos don’t really have pouches as portrayed on stuffed animals and in cartoons. Instead of the pouch we’re used to seeing, the mother kangaroos have a slit on their bellies. We were able to see a joey squirming around in its mother’s pouch during the live show, which was neat.
    The joeys stay in there 24/7 until they are about 11 months old.
  • North Georgia has the same climate as Australia, which is why the kangaroos are able to adapt to living here so well.
  • Kangaroos have large hips and, therefore, must dig holes in order to lay comfortably.
  • After a picnic lunch in the butterfly garden, our family headed off to Burt’s Pumpkin Farm, which was a blast. I haven’t been to a pumpkin patch since I was a kid, and I really enjoyed walking around and people-watching. The pumpkins there were insane — some as big as 70+ pounds that cost about $60. Cra-zy. We were quite happy with our cute little pumpkin. I can’t believe that we’ve never carved a pumpkin together. That will be rectified this year.

    me and joe at the pumpkin patch

    On the way back to the cabin, we stopped by B.J. Reece Apple House (one of the many apple houses we passed in Ellijay, which is called the Apple Capitol of Georgia) for some goodies. I was a little disappointed in the selection, though. We would have gotten a much better deal if we had just gone to Mercier’s like we usually do. Oh well. We left with apple bread, apple cider and a peck of gala apples. It’s a good thing we like apples.

    Yesterday, we relaxed and hung out together most of the day. Joe headed out early for his 20-mile run (yes, he’s insane), and he timed me for my intervals on the bike (such a good workout). Besides that, we lounged around watching baseball, football and episodes of “Psych” — definitely my idea of a fabulous Sunday.

    Ohio Weekend, Part 2: Seeing Family History

    We headed out of Cincinnati early Friday morning bound for Warren. We stopped in Kettering, though, so I could see Kettering College of Medical Arts, where my mom went to nursing school. I know our visit there meant a lot to my mom, but it meant a lot to me also. It was so neat to see where she spent her college years.


    The three-story building there on the left is the old building which housed entire school. The dorm rooms were on the top two floors, and the classrooms were on the first floor and in the basement. I believe my mom’s room was the first one on the second floor.

    DSC_0027 (2)

    In the new building, there are pictures from past years, including one of my mom and her friends. She’s the one on the right in the back. And yes, I look really rough in this picture. Please ignore how tired I was. There is also a uniform hanging that is similar to the ones my mom and her classmates wore.

    visiting my mom's college

    old nursing uniform

    After leaving Kettering, we settled in for our long ride to Warren, although we did stop once more at an outlet mall (which was really disappointing). It was kind of neat though as it had a train theme. There was a train you could ride around the mall. It would be really cool for little kids.

    We arrived in Warren with just two hours before the rehearsal, which went quite smoothly. The rehearsal dinner, though, was another story. We had a private room at The Chophouse, the restaurant associated with the hotel, and it was a *very* nice restaurant. However, the service was not. I felt *so* bad for Jon and Michelle. We all paid for our own drinks, and every time someone ordered one, the waitress would bring out a check and make comments every time she came around about how we could pay any time we were ready. Jon got *really* mad and actually went and talked to a manager about it. He really didn’t want checks being brought out constantly during dinner.

    It was literally 30 minutes or so before they took our orders, and then it was another 45 minutes before our salads were brought out. I realize there were 25 of us but really, how long does it take to throw lettuce and 2 tomato slices in a bowl? The guy sitting next to me mentioned that he had forgotten all about the salads.

    Despite the service, the food was excellent. I think everyone thought so. Everyone except the bride, that is, because they forgot to make her dinner. In the words of her sister, the maid of honor, how do you forget the bride’s food? She’s the most important person there!

    It may not have been the best rehearsal dinner ever, but we all had a lot of fun hanging out and, hey, it sure makes for some great stories!

    Up next: the wedding!


    I have been having such strong cravings for chocolate lately. It’s unreal. In the afternoon, usually between 3 p.m. and 4 p.m., I get a *big* craving. I usually end up getting a cookie from Quiznos (I don’t do that every day, so it’s ok!), or I’ll eat one of the sugar free pudding cups I keep in the fridge. However, I am out so I need to pick some up when we get home. I don’t know what it is, but these cravings have just hit me all of a sudden. We stopped at an outlet mall on the way up here to Warren, Ohio, which had a Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, but I was good and skipped it. However, they have quite a selection of sugar free chocolate which is a little bit better for you. And, I love things like candy apples and chocolate covered pretzels that they and other chocolate stores, like Gertrude Hawk, sell.

    So, now that I’ve told you all about how I am a major chocoholic, tell me what foods you can’t live without.

    Lazy Day

    It’s been absolutely silent in our house for the last couple of hours. I slept in this morning, and Joe’s been in bed since around 11 a.m. or so. After being sick last weekend and through much of the week, I think we both needed the extra rest.

    I love lazy days like this. I’ve been relaxing in the living room and reading. Whenever Joe wakes up, I’ll make lunch. Tonight, we’re planning another quiet evening by making haystacks (seriously my favorite food ever…we haven’t had them in so long!) and watching the rest of the disc of LOST that we rented from the library (I had no idea you could rent TV shows there! I totally wasted my money renting them from Blockbuster). Hopefully we’ll watch one of the movies on our DVR as well so we can free up even more space.

    Tomorrow, my parents and my brother are coming down in the evening. It’s giving us a very good excuse to *finally* get our guest bedroom/office organized, since my parents will be sleeping in here. I’m excited. I don’t think they’ve been down here since we moved in last year.