the honeymoon, part 2

on thursday, we headed across the river to harvard. what a beautiful campus. we felt smarter just by being there. we walked around the entire campus looking for the big “harvard” sign we were sure was there. we never did find it. we did, however find one of many big libraries.

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the honeymoon, part 1

and now, as if you don’t have *enough* pictures to look at, i have our honeymoon pictures and story.

we flew into boston on monday, and, after spending an hour on the tarmac, got a cab to head to our hotel. when we arrived, the desk clerk told us he didn’t have our reservation. we had booked it online through expedia, and apparantly expedia didn’t pass our information along. while joe talked to him, i called my parents and had them fax our hotel info. we got it worked out and, after we mentioned being on our honeymoon, were upgraded to the top floor (where the rooms are about $100 more a night then we paid), the gold crown floor, where we could have our breakfast delivered to our room every day.

we spent most of tuesday at faneuil hall. it was a large marketplace, and i had fun going from store to store and kiosk to kiosk. we had a caricature of us drawn, and bought most of our souvenirs. it was nice to get that out of the way.

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greetings from boston

hello to all of you *not* on vacation. hehe. 🙂

joe’s checking out a few things online at the business center here at our hotel, so i get a few minutes to blog. woo.

we just got back from whale watching. actually, it was more like whale *hoping*. every time there was a whale sighting it was on the *other* side of the boat from us. we have that kind of luck. i’d run over there and get caught behind a crowd of people, unable to see a thing.

we’re having a fantastic time here. i’ll tell you all about it upon our return on monday. i’ll also have pictures from the wedding and honeymoon to share. the bulk of our wedding pictures, though, will be from the cd we’re getting from the photographer. hopefully we’ll have that this week or next. he said he’d only need a week or two. thank you all for your wedding comments. they were all so nice! i must say, i felt like a princess that day.

last night, my brother called me to let me know he had booked a 4:30 p.m. slot at a wedding chapel in pigeon forge for today. he wanted to make sure i was ok with not being there. that’s a lot to spring on a person when she’s on her honeymoon *and* with several other people about to leave for dinner. it was an immature decision and, really, doesn’t it defeat the purpose to let people know you’re eloping? fortunately, the wedding isn’t happening today. he and his now-fiancee forgot they need a marriage license, so they’re going to wait 2-4 weeks. man. talk about taking away *my* thunder!!

and now i shall run. bye for now!