9 days to go

wow. single digits. i think i might be starting to get a little nervous. 🙂

dealing with siblings

one of my younger twin brothers called me today. “will joe mind if i leave his bachelor party early?”

i rolled my eyes. ryan has been griping about this weekend for a few days now. “but oriona and i were going to go look at engagement rings.”

ok. number one, he can spend one night without his girlfriend. really. it can be done. no one has died from it yet. number 2, he can go to jewelry stores with her sunday afternoon. and number 3, isn’t it a little too soon for engagement? ryan has another year or so left in college, and she has a little more than that, i think. they want to get married next year, which i think is a terrible idea. don’t get me wrong. i like his girlfriend. she’s very nice, and i know he loves her. i just think he being 21 and she younger that it’s a little soon for marriage. they haven’t even been dating a year. at least graduate from college and get a job first. they have to have some way to support themselves.

then he hit me with the second question. “do i *have* to go to your rehearsal dinner?” seriously? was he really asking me this? i have to admit it was probably the most ridiculous thing i’ve ever heard. what person asks if he can skip his siblings wedding rehearsal dinner.

i bit back saying sarcastically, “do you want to skip the wedding too?” and simply told him he needed to be there before hanging up. i’ve never really felt ryan liked me too much, maybe from how he is always rude to me, but wanting to skip my wedding rehearsal dinner was completely uncalled for. all i can keep thinking is, only 12 more days…

thankful for the weekend

snakes on a plane is definitely a must-see. it is the best movie of the summer by far. we had a great time thursday night, mainly because of the people who crowded into the theater with us. as soon as the title came on the screen they started cheering, and throughout the beginning of the movie they would hiss and chant “snakes! snakes!” there were more cheers when a shot of the snake cage with its timer counting down to release was shown, and when it came on screen with five minutes to go we all counted along. “five…four…three…two…one…SNAKES!” it was the first movie where i’ve been shocked at the gory scenes yet laughing at the same time. i must admit, though, it is making me a little more nervous about flying to boston. hehe. joe says if they tell us first class is closed we’ll wait for the next plane. 🙂

my dress is safely at the alterations shop. thanks to my wonderful friend and bridesmaid, shannon, i found a backup woman to take it to, which is good because yesterday was the only day i had to get up to chattanooga. all she has to do is take it in at the sides up top, and she was able to find a way to do that without having to deal with the beadwork. and the best part? it fit better than it did when i bought it. i didn’t have to struggle to zip it up, and my stomach fat didn’t show as it had when i tried it on all summer. and the best part is that she is only charging me $20, which is $140 less than what it would have cost at david’s bridal. yay!

i headed to old navy to pick up flip flops, but since i was feeling so good about myself, i decided to try on some clothes, too. the skirts i ended up buying were a size smaller than i’d been wearing, and the shirt i purchased was a medium rather than a large! woo hoo.

my hairstylist and i settled on a style for the wedding. i didn’t know if i liked it at first, but the more i looked at it, saw it with my veil, and pictured it with my dress, the more i liked it. only 15 days to go!!

just when i thought i could relax

i can’t get a hold of the woman doing my dress alterations. people, my wedding is in 17 days and i can’t get a hold of her. if you think i’m freaking out you would be correct. she told me she was getting back from her vacation on the 15th, and she’d have plenty of time to do it. my plan was to take the dress to her house tomorrow while i’m in chattanooga for my hair run-through. apparantly, that’s not going to happen. i really don’t know what i’m going to do now. i don’t really have time next week to get up there. this is really bad. there are a couple dry cleaners here who have seamstresses, but i really don’t want someone i don’t know altering my wedding dress. that’s just a recipe for disaster.

so much for a few relaxing days before the wedding. i mean, really, what was i thinking??

crunching the numbers

i got a fantastic deal from my hairstylist! she’s going to do my run-through and my hair on the big day for a combined total of — are you ready for this? — $55. i’m still in shock. that’s an amazing price. i’ve known this woman since we moved to tennessee in 1994. she’s my mom’s stylist, and she did my hair most of the time i lived in tennessee. i’m really happy she’s doing my hair for my wedding. she does a fabulous job!

now i have a little more money to play with, which is good. i wanted to make my own table decorations as well as work on a few more pages in my scrapbook, which will be on display. i saw these really cute wedding cake candles at a dollar store in south carolina, and joe’s nana sent me 11 of them. coincidentally enough, we’re going to have 11 tables at our reception. so i’m thinking of incorporating them in table displays. boy, i’ve been getting really crafty lately. i don’t know if this is a good thing. you can’t control me at hobby lobby when i have crafts on my mind!

the wedding shower

i had a fantastic day yesterday . . . at least for the most part. the wedding shower was perfect, but it ended abruptly when one of my brothers called to let my mom and me know that my grandfather was being airlifted to the hospital. he was climbing up the stairs in the garage to the house and fell, hitting his head on the concrete. the paramedics said the back of his head felt “mushy” (yes, that was the technical term used), so they lifeflighted him thinking his skull possibly was broken. luckily, it wasn’t. he has a laceration on the back of his head and a lot of brusing on his back, and his brain is bruised. the hospital officials told us yesterday he would be monitored in icu for two days to see if the bruising gets better or not. if it doesn’t, surgery is possible. luckily, they said today he’s doing well so far. he’s having a second cat scan, but they don’t think there is additional bruising or bleeding.

on to more happy news . . . the wedding shower!

my mom and my best friend from high school, penny, planned everything, and they did a terrific job. the food spread looked great, and i had about 13 people here including friends from school, my old job and kiwanis, family and future family, etc.

everyone seems to have had a great time. we played several games: wedding word scramble, a purse scavenger hunt, and “how well does cady know joe.” if i answered a question about joe wrong i had to put a piece of bubble gum in my mouth. penny and my mom forgot the gum, so they sent joe out to pick some up. you would think someone who loves you would get trident or chicklet or some kind of gum with small pieces. apparantly not. joe got bubble yum type gum with the *huge* pieces. i only missed four out of 15 questions, but that’s four pieces of gum in my mouth! i had trouble talking after two! luckily penny picked the strawberry gum rather than the sour flavor joe also got. i seriously do not think i will ever chew gum again!

and, of course, there were presents. we really got some great things. my brother, ryan, and his girlfriend gave us an electric wok, which is perfect because we *love* making rice and stir fry. we also got two sets of sheets; two tablecloths; two sets of napkins; placemats; a really nice coffee maker; two sets of silverware; a picnic basket for two complete with wine glasses, plates, silverware and a spot for food; champagne flutes; platters; etc. i was really happy with and grateful for what we received. my favorite presents, however, were from my grandmother. she gave us a plaque that says “cady and joe schulman circa 2006” and she gave the candy dish her mother received for her wedding. that is definitely my most special present because it belonged to my great-grandmother and then my grandmother. i can’t wait to one day pass it down to my children or grandchildren.

my sister, who was originally planning the shower with my mom, wasn’t able to come, but she sent some things she had been working on. one was a piggy bank decorated with a pearl necklace and veil. everyone at the shower wrote advice for us on small pieces of paper and put them in the piggy bank. joe and i read them last night, and we decided we’re going to re-read them every year on our anniversary. it was such a cool idea!

now, i must go and begin my thank you notes. luckily, i’m already almost caught up on thank you notes for wedding presents we’ve already received. we’re writing them now, but mailing them after the wedding so we can use our new address labels. 🙂