and the celebrations begin

tomorrow is my bridal shower. yippee! i’m pretty excited. i have a lot of people coming: my mom, my future mil, my future sil, her mil, a friend of joe’s parents, friends from kiwanis, and several of my girl friends. it’s going to be a blast. i know one of the games that is planned, and let me tell you, it’s not going to be good for me if i don’t know the answers to the questions. 😉

while the girls are partying away here, the boys will be out at the theater. they’re going to see descent, a movie none of us really want to see, so it’s perfect timing.

tonight, while i should be home making sure the apartment is spotless, joe and i are headed to chattanooga to see two of the finalists from last comic standing, chris porter and ty barnett. my parents got the four of us tickets at the comedy catch, and i’m really excited. i went with my parents when john heffron was there after winning season 2. he was hilarious, and i know tonight will be just as good. too bad josh blue won’t be there too. heh.

25 days to go

i can’t believe its less than a month until the wedding. seven months ago, i never thought this time would come. and here it is. once i send the program to the printer this morning i will officially have nothing really to do until the friday before the wedding. yippee. it’s been long enough. hehe. i hope the next few weeks go by quickly. all i’m thinking about now is that in 26 days we’ll be on our way to the airport to catch our plane to boston. woo hoo!

wedding etiquette

if people haven’t rsvped by the deadline, is it tacky to call and find out if they’re coming? i’m torn on this issue because i’ve never received a call when i’ve forgotten to rsvp to weddings (which i’ve shown up for), but i want to make sure there is enough food for everyone. your thoughts?

security update

ahahahahaah…dave wants associates! that’s awesome!


when we left the wedding chapel last sunday, a family had arrived for that evening’s wedding — an hour and a half early — wanting to see the bride.

i do *not* want anyone outside the wedding party and my parents seeing me before the ceremony. i think it takes away from the buildup of seeing the bride as she walks down the aisle. so, i have come up with a solution. i am going to ask my friend dave “the buddha” leonard to stand outside the bridal room door and block anyone from coming in. picture a big sri lankan with his arms crossed. i think it would work. it would make me think twice!

time to relax

i am on a continual high. we finalized our wedding details today, and our ceremony is going to be absolutely gorgeous. we saw the chapel decorated for a wedding, and it is so beautiful. they use lots of flowers and candles in their decorations, which i love.

my bouquet is going to have white roses, orchids and a few blue delphinia tied with a royal blue ribbon, while my bridesmaids will have arm bouquets of white roses and blue delphinia tied with platinum. i’m picturing the flowers with our dresses, and i just think they’ll look amazing. the blue delphinia matches the dresses perfectly.

the mothers will have corsages made of orchids, and the grandmothers will have rose corsages. joe’s boutineire will be made from an orchid and the others will be single white roses with baby’s breath and greenery.

and our cake…i am so excited about our cake! we chose the almond cake and icing. it is a three-tier cake with tall pedestals, and white and blue flowers in between each tier. there also will be flowers around the base, and our bouquets will be put by the cake.

our photographer is *amazing*. i am *so* happy we have him. i’m arriving at noon, and will get about 30-45 minutes alone for bridal portraits and pictures with my mom and sister (matron of honor). the bridesmaids will arrive at 12:45 for pictures before the guys have theirs taken. james is so dedicated to the bride. he wants to focus entirely on me for as long as he can. our coordinator said that he doesn’t want anyone but me there (along with my mom and sis) so there won’t be any distractions. the man is wonderful. he’ll also be shooting my mom and sis helping me get ready. the post-wedding picture plan is unique, yet it makes sense. after the ceremony, we will go and cut the cake and do the toasts. that way, he says the guests can go ahead and begin eating and have cake while we’re doing family and wedding party shots. he says his plan is to get us to the reception as quickly as possible, which is great, and if he needs us during the reception he can pull us away.

before our meeting at the chapel, joe and i met my parents and one of my brothers at the mall. dad and randy had their tux fittings, and mom and i went shopping for her dress. i was amazed at the lack of blue dresses. it was amazing. there were green dresses galore (where were they five months ago when i needed a cute one??), but no blue dresses (none in any cute styles, that is). we finally found one we liked at parisian. it was the only one my mom tried on. it fits her perfectly, and it is so cute and flattering. i think she likes it more now that she got it home and tried it on for my dad.

i am *so* excited. it seems even more real now that i’ve run through it, figured out how everything will be set up and actually seen the decorated chapel. i’m starting to get a little nervous too!

i just hope the next four weeks go by quickly. i can’t *wait* to marry joe!