finally . . .

our engagement announcement finally ran today. i didn’t think it would this week because i didn’t get it in nine days ahead of time. maybe i just pissed her off enough. 🙂

Van Dolson – Schulman

Mr. and Mrs. Randall Van Dolson of McDonald, Tenn., announce the engagement of their daughter, Miss Cadence Alicea Van Dolson, to Joseph Aaron Schulman, son of Mr. and Mrs. Alan Schulman of Douglasville, Ga.
The wedding is planned for Sunday, Sept. 3, at the James County Courthouse.
The future bride is the granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs. Leo Van Dolson of McDonald, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Douglass of Lincoln, Calif., and Vivienne Douglass of Rocklin, Calif.
Miss Van Dolson received a bachelor’s degree in English from Southern Adventist University. She is employed as a broadcast news anchor/ reporter and is a member of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Cartersville, Ga.
The future bridegroom is the grandson of Marjorie Cooper of St. Matthews, S.C.; the late Herschel Cooper, the late Murray Schulman and the late Rose Schulman of Atlanta.
Mr. Schulman received a bachelor’s degree in journalism from George Southern University, where he was a member of Omicron Delta Kappa honor society. He is director of communications with Greenfield Hebrew Academy in Atlanta and is a member of Temple Kol Emeth in Marietta, Ga.

Contributed Photo Cadence Van Dolson Joseph Schulman

the engagement announcement

i have come to the realization that i am just not creative when it comes to post titles. oh well.

it turns out there was a perfectly good reason why our engagement announcement hasn’t run in the newspaper yet. they didn’t receive it. that makes sense. but whenever i called or emailed and left message after message inquiring when it would run and if they had received it, i got no response. not one. so i went over the head of the bridal editor to the lifestyles editor. it’s a good thing i used to work there. it’s nice to have connections. 🙂

what did that result in? i very rude and unhappy woman finally returning one of my numerous messages to let me know she hadn’t received it.

“did you get a confirmation email?” she asked.

well, no, i didn’t. but, please, show me where on the form it says that i will receive a confirmation email. i read and reread the announcement form forwards and backwards, and it just wasn’t there.

so i resubmitted our announcement. once again, no confirmation email. once again, i had to call several times before i got a hold of her. this time, though, she said she received it.

let’s just hope it runs.

ring issues

i ordered joe’s ring yesterday. they didn’t have it in stock in white gold, and the saleslady told me it wouldn’t be in until at least august 8. since i want to get it engraved, i figured i’d kill two birds with one stone and order it. that way it would be ready to go when i pick it up. apparantly, that’s not how the jewelry business works. the ring has to be shipped to the store, and then it will be shipped back for the engraving, which will take at least 7-10 more days. and, she said that’s no guarantee. the process makes absolutely no sense to me. why make it more of a hassle, both for the store *and* the customer. i better have it engraved and in my possession before the wedding. they don’t want to deal with me as an angry, stressed out bride. 🙂

basket, book and pen

i purchased our flower girl basket, guestbook and pen the other day at hobby lobby. they have some pretty wedding items there! luckily, i was able to find the three in matching styles. i just *love* them! aren’t they cute??

39 days to go

wow. is the wedding really just a little more than a month away?? joe and i spent about an hour and a half in linens n things yesterday registering for household items. joe thinks we registered for too much. i don’t think you can over-register. he says the only things he can remember are towels, towels and towels. hehe.

we scheduled our marriage blessing at the synagogue. it will be aug. 25. i’m excited. i need to find something to wear. this is a good excuse to go shopping. the next day are our bachlor/bachelorette parties. joe’s sister is planning mine, so i know it’ll be a blast. i can’t wait. that next morning we have to be up early to head to atlanta for an event at joe’s school.

we have something scheduled for every weekend from now until the wedding. at least we’ll have a whole week to ourselves afterward!! we’re hoping that since tennessee only requires four counseling sessions for the marriage license discount that the cantor will let us out a week early. that would give us a sunday to do our yard sale. we need to clean our apartment, and our storage unit, out. it would be nice to get down to the smallest storage unit.

our engagement announcement was supposed to run two weeks ago. it didn’t run then, and it didn’t run yesterday. i really hope they get it in before the wedding. i’ve called and emailed the newspaper’s lifestyle department, but haven’t gotten a response. go figure.


i’m bummed. i just found out my sister won’t be able to come to my wedding shower. with a husband and three kids, she has a lot going on this summer, so she won’t have a free weekend until the one before the wedding.


it’ll still be a blast. it just sucks that she won’t be able to be there.